AG Barr’s criminal investigation and Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff and others. BARREL & PORK.

1. BARREL, I hear Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff are sweating profusely over AG Barr’s criminal investigation – that all of this impeachment nonsense has boomeranged again on the democrats and on Mrs. Pelosi and on then POTUS Obama as well on those republicans who have been complicit.

2. Yes, PORK. They knew all along that the investigation is a criminal investigation. Such is not new information. The fact that they want the public to think the investigation has not been a criminal investigation until recently is ludicrous.

3. Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff fear, and many others fear, and rightly so, that AG Barr and those working with him have found and documented and presented to a Grand Jury serious game changing felonious and traitorous conduct.

4. They fear that AG Barr and those working with him have found that POTUS Obama and those working for and with him including themselves have committed one or more felonies and traitorous acts deserving of massive fines and jail time and loss of office and the condemnation of the nation.

5. I suspect Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff and many others are immensely worried that AG Barr will document or has documented the details of felonious and traitorous activities and that AG Barr will or has already taken the details and recommendations for indictments to a Grand Jury – all the while Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff should have known of course that any attack in the press or by way of impeachment of AG Barr is clear obstruction of justice.

6. What details of felonious and even traitorous activities might there be, BARREL?

7. Well for starters, PORK: If there was contact with including conspiracy with Ukrainian officials by Mr. Schiff or Mr. Nadler or Mrs. Pelosi or Mr. Biden or then POTUS Obama and their cronies or surrogates to gin up witnesses against POTUS Trump?

8. If there were felonious and even traitorous FISA warrant abuses by any of the mentioned people?

9. If there were felonious and even traitorous Star Chamber secret meetings held by Mr. Schiff and the democrats and others?

10. If there were felonious false and even traitorous accusations brought against POTUS Trump outside the Congressional chambers by Mr. Schiff where such prevents his reliance on Congressional immunity. Mr. Schiff in Congress intentionally lied and falsely characterized POTUS Trump’s language in POTUS Trump’s letter to the Ukrainian President and Mr. Schiff held a press conference about the same so I would think he would be sweating profusely. POTUS Trump is well within his prerogatives to ask not just for Mr. Schiff’s cesure but also for Mr. Schiff’s resignation from Congress. Because he held the press conference, Mr. Schiff should rightly fear a civil action by POTUS Trump and criminal indictment via AG Barr.

11. If there were felonious and even traitorous abuse of Congressional Rules by Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schiff and Mrs. Pelosi and others?

12. If any of the above mentioned persons suborned perjury?

13. What is subornation of perjury, BARREL?

14. PORK, subornation of perjury is the felony and even traitorous crime of persuading a person to lie about POTUS Trump and thus commit perjury.

15. Perjury is swearing a false oath to tell the truth in a legal proceeding whether spoken or written. 

16. In other words, perjury is persuading/influencing a person to lie against POTUS Trump in a legal proceeding.

17. So let’s think about it. If Mr. Schiff or Mr. Nadler or Mrs. Pelosi or all three or all of the “democrats in attendance” are hiding the testimony of witnesses behind closed doors, if the witnesses met with Mr. Schiff or Mr. Nadler or Mrs. Pelosi and were coached or influenced or encouraged to testify falsely against POTUS Trump in any way, then there has been subornation of perjury.

18. For example, did Mr. Schiff or Mr. Nadler or Mrs. Pelosi or other surrogates or co-persons meet with witnesses before they testified? Did they coach or intimidate or influence them in any way, such as by suggesting they might have immunity from prosecution, to perjure themselves in bearing false witness against POTUS Trump? Sounds to me that this is the reason they do not want whistleblower or “Star Chamber” witness testimony readily and transparently available.

19.  Did Mr. Schiff or Mr. Nadler or Mrs. Pelosi and other commit felonious or traitorous acts worthy of being taken to the Grand Jury?

20. These are some of the reasons I can think of as to why Mr. Schiff and Mr. Nadler are sweating profusely enough to hold a press conference condemning and accusing AG Barr of politicizing a criminal investigation. By doing so they have not just tried to cover themselves, and in doing so they have pointed AG Barr directly to them, and at the same time they are on the public record obstructing justice.