Where are AG Bill Barr? Attorney John Durham? John Huber? BARREL & PORK

(C) 2019

1. PORK, looking at the political landscape today, where are

2. AG Bill Barr and

3. attorney John Durham and

4. attorney John Huber?

5. BARREL, I don’t know.

6. Haven’t heard from them.

7. PORK, it seems to me given the fact that the democrats consistently accuse POTUS Trump of exactly what they have already done or are doing, it is time to hear from Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham and Mr. Huber now. These accusations have drawn on for way too long. Who started all this POTUS Trump Russian Collusion and Obstruction of Justice nonsense anyway?

8. If Hillary Clinton

9. and if former POTUS Bill Clinton,

10. and if Joe Biden and his son

11. and John Kerry and his son

12. and former POTUS Obama

13. and James Comey

14. and James Clapper

15. and John Brennan

16. and Andy McCabe

17. and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

18. and the DNC

19. and others

20. are guilty of conspiring with each other to take out a sitting POTUS or otherwise or

21. collusion with the Russians or Chinese or others

22. or with obstruction of justice

23. by destroying evidence emails or documents or using fake FISA warrants or the like

24. or with corruption including

25. corruptly exonerating the guilty or

26. corruptly enriching themselves or violating campaign finance rules

27. using their government offices or political influence,

28. then indictments need to be issued

29. now not later.

30. If not,

31. then these people and others

32. need to be freed from the albatross

33. of public opinion

34. and threat of criminal action

35. or civil action.

36. If so, then those guilty should be held accountable.