Will Elizabeth Warren endorse POTUS TRUMP? BARREL & PORK. WE REPORT! YOU DECIDE!

1. Hey, BARREL, do you think Elizabeth Warren will endorse POTUS TRUMP?

2. You are making a joke, right, PORK? 

3. Stranger things have happened, BARREL. 

4. POTUS TRUMP has kept his campaign promises. 

5. He has helped us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS. 

6. He and VP Pence have managed COVID-19 matter with dignity. 

7. He has taken out ISIS and he is bringing home our troops and extricating us from war and cutting off the trillions of dollars poured down the middle east rathole. 

8. He has generated the best U.S. economy ever despite the stock market correction which has been stoked in largest measure by media and politician driven unwarranted “coronavirus fear.” Keep in mind that with SARS there were no deaths in the U.S. With MERS there were no deaths in the U.S. With COVID-19 there have been only 16 last count. All the while there have been pandemic million infected, short of half million hospitalized, thousands of Influenza deaths – said by CDC to be 14,000 to 46,000 with projections of 60,000 annual deaths.

9. He has gotten rid of onerous regulations and political correctness. He is championing the right to life of the unborn. 300,000,000+ unborn babies have been unceremoniously killed since democrat Biden Schumer Roe v Wade in 1973 which is 50,000,000+ BLACK BABIES, 50,000,000+ HISPANIC BABIES, 200,000,000+ NATIVE AMERICAN, CAUCASIAN, ASIAN AMERICAN BABIES KILLED.

10. He has made major progress building the wall and stopping illegal immigration making sure people are vetted who come to America and in the process preventing terrorist activities. 

11. He has stood up to North Korea and Iran. 

12. He came out of the Pelosi Schumer impeachment unscathed and stronger.

13. He is rooting out corruption including Biden’s corrupt billion dollar Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine, and the Biden Obama money laundering to fund a proxy war with Russia according to Glenn Beck, and Biden’s corrupt billion dollar China to his son’s hedge fund connection and Biden’s corrupt billions paid to Iran shortly before Biden left office – money used to fund terrorism and adverse military activities.

14. Elizabeth would be smart to shift gears and support POTUS TRUMP.

15. Right, BARREL, 

16. I am making a joke, though. 

17. Elizabeth crossing over to endorse POTUS TRUMP is not going to happen. 

18. Although, I wouldn’t put it past POTUS TRUMP asking her to do so. Like I said, stranger things have happened in politics.

19. A brokered democrat convention will be interesting if that happens.

20. In any case, I have a hard time seeing Joe with the nomination. 

21. He looks like he is shriveled up and going to self-destruct any minute physically despite the fact that his campaign is running photos of him from past years. He hasn’t got the stamina to function as POTUS.

22. Joe appears to be senile unstable as he self-destructs and gaffes mentally on a regular basis not to mention the sniffing.

23. Most importantly, whereas POTUS TRUMP was exonerated completely and came out of the Mueller and impeachment debacles bloodied but unscathed politically, Joe cannot handle and survive the truth about his corruption charges.