Honor POTUS Trump and FLOTUS Trump! BARREL & PORK.

BARREL, I have come up with this three part description honoring POTUS Trump and FLOTUS Trump, and this same description is a blueprint for every country leader in the world.

What is it, PORK?

BARREL, if POTUS Trump and FLOTUS Trump continue on track, keeping their promises to us, building the wall, stopping the invasion, generating jobs, lowering taxes, prosecuting those who have abused their elected or paid offices, history will show that POTUS Trump and FLOTUS Trump are two of the greatest most honorable national and world leaders.

1. FREE. These two great and honorable leaders are focused [including a strong military] on helping us enjoy INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM – freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to travel, freedom to bear arms, freedom of religion – letting the people worship how where or what they may so long as they don’t force others to worship as they do.

2. SAFE. These two great and honorable leaders are focused on helping us and our children and unborn be SAFE – safe from terrorism, safe from crime, safe from invasion, safe from war, safe from abortion, safe from human trafficking, safe from predator politicians, safe from physical or emotional or intellectual or sexual or other abuse.

3. PROSPEROUS. These two great and honorable leaders are focused on helping us be PROSPEROUS with adequate health care, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, manufacturing in country, minimal taxation, and jobs.

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