Chuck & Nancy lied to the American people. Time for negotiation is over. Fund and build the wall.

BARREL, what is your take on the President’s speech last night?


1.      POTUS Trump gave a great speech.

2.      He gave a concise, compassionate speech.

3.      He pinned the tail on the Donkey where it belongs.

4.      The democrats are responsible for open borders and the carnage derivative of drugs, human trafficking, other crimes of theft and burglary, extreme social expense and redistribution of wealth, destruction of jobs and injury to the legitimate Black and Hispanic communities.

5.      The democrats are responsible for the invasion of America.

6.      5-6 billion, indeed 27 billion, is a pittance compared to the killings, rapes, expense, and overall damage done by the illegal aliens and the cartels.

7.      All must come through the front door and be vetted and e-verified.

8.      Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi lied to the American people while POTUS Trump told the truth.

9.      There is a military, humanitarian, and social expense crisis at the Southern border.

10.  Chuck and Nancy voted to secure the border. They voted to build walls. Now they have flip flopped simply because POTUS Trump is president.

11.  The time for negotiations is over.

12.  Note to POTUS Trump: Declare the national emergency and build the wall now.

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