Potus Trump to N. Pelosi. You lose. BARREL & PORK.

BARREL, did Nancy lose? Yes she did, PORK, and big time. POTUS Trump pulled her plug and refused to let her and her entourage take military jets. Blocked them at the airport a hour before take off. A comeuppance for her amazingly rude behavior in trying to block POTUS from delivering his State of the Union message wherein he would lay all blame for the government shutdown and the deaths by illegal aliens and the drug deaths from drugs crossing the border off on Nancy and Chuck and the democrats. Prevented her from leaving before the second paycheck to government employees is due. Now she has no excuse for not negotiating a settlement. If she doesn’t perform and give POTUS Trump his wall, she will be hung with the responsibility for denying the government employees their paychecks. The American people are smart. They know she is the fly in the ointment.

PORK, POTUS Trump can deliver his State of the Union from the Senate. He can deliver his State of the Union on television and he will reach 50 million people with his message which is that the democrats do not care to protect the American people, that the democrats do not care for the government workers.

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