Is the Impeachment Narrative boomeranging back on the democrats? Yes. BARREL & PORK.

PORK, what have the democrats done to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS since POTUS Trump took office ?

Nothing, BARREL.  Absolutely nothing. They did spend $30 million on the Mueller witch hunt.  They have embroiled the country in fake controversy day after day after day. All the while POTUS Trump has been fending them off and keeping more than 300 of his campaign promises.

What’s to be done about it PORK? 

Grin and bear it, BARREL. This too is already boomeranging on Nancy and Chuck and the democrats. I predict Trump in a landslide in 2020. We told Nancy and Chuck how to win. They don’t believe us.

Remind me, PORK.

BARREL, we have said several times. The democrats can win if they focus on helping we the people be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS. Not until.

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