Did COMPLICIT Joe Biden and POTUS OBAMA give Iran billions or is this fake news? Looks like it is not fake news, folks. BARREL & PORK.

1. BARREL, there is a commonly used euphemism which needs to be exploded.

2. A euphemism is the substitution of an agreeable term for a term that might offend or be unpleasant or challenge the integrity of a person or persons or an organization.

3. What is that euphemism, PORK?

4. That euphemism, BARREL, is this phrase “The Obama Administration” which is used so cavalierly and dismissively by the press.

5. How so, PORK?

6. Well, BARREL, the truth is “The Obama Administration” is simply an obfuscatory way and even a deceitful way of saying “POTUS OBAMA and JOE BIDEN and the democrats.”

7. POTUS OBAMA and JOE BIDEN and the democrats” were and they still are “the Obama Administration.”

8. You are right, PORK.

9. Didn’t Joe Biden and POTUS OBAMA and the democrats give Iran billions of dollars used by Soleimani and Iran leadership to foment terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere and thereby harm our military personnel and further the Iranian nuclear ambitions?

10. Or is this fake news?

11. Doesn’t look like fake news, BARREL.

12. And Yes, POTUS OBAMA and I am going to call him COMPLICIT JOE BIDEN and the democrats did give Iran billions of dollars – a billion in cash – which was used  to a serious degree to foster terrorism in the Middle East and to harm Israel and our military and civilians.

13. There is even indication that they did so because they hated Israel.

14. See Investors.com and Washington Times and CNBC and The Wall Street Journal regarding how the Obama administration – which is POTUS OBAMA and COMPLICIT Joe Biden — secretly gave Iran billions of dollars.

15. INVESTORS.COM. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/obama-iran-terrorism/;

16. WASHINGTON TIMES. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/feb/7/inside-the-ring-obama-era-cash-traced-to-iran-back/;

17. CNBC. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/06/the-obama-administration-secretly-sought-to-give-iran-access-to-the-us-financial-system.html;

18. WALL STREET JOURNAL. https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-sent-two-more-planeloads-of-cash-to-iran-after-initial-payment-1473208256

19. But PORK, can’t Joe Biden and the democrats wiggle out of this one by saying, “But I was only the Vice President. Or, they are no longer in power. I was not responsible. We were not responsible.”

20. Nope.

21. Much of the anti-POTUS Trump democrat liberal press may want to give Joe and the democrats a pass but the truth is “The Obama Administration” was and still is “then POTUS OBAMA and COMPLICIT JOE BIDEN and THE DEMOCRATS.”

22. All three are responsible for the many initiatives they took during the Obama time in office – initiatives which have harmed us and our FREEDOMS, SAFETY, and PROSPERITY.

23. They are signally responsible for giving Iran billions which Iran used for terrorism to the harm of all countries in the Middle East including Israel and to the U.S. and if we do a little research I suspect to the harm of England, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, China and other countries as well.

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