We surmise there are a number of angry democrat and republican voters who support POTUS TRUMP! BARREL & PORK.

PORK, I understand there are an overwhelming number of angry democrat and republican PRO-TRUMP voters out there.

Yes, BARREL. those angry voters, republicans and democrats and independents, know that POTUS TRUMP and his family have been abused to an intolerable level by the democrats Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer and others.

In greater detail,

1.       Angry voters find Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi are at best Boring.

2.       Angry voters find them Repetitive and Tedious.

3.       Angry voters find them to be amateurs and anything but professional.

4.       Angry voters are overwhelmingly tired of this one-sided democrat partisan hit job on POTUS TRUMP and his family.

5.       Angry voters hold the democrats accountable for spending $40 million plus in worthless investigations and hearings and for wasting the time and energy of the congress which could have dealt with infrastructure and the southern border wall and other measures helpful to FREEDOM, SAFETY, and PROSPERITY.

6.       Angry voters want to be happy and they know the democrats are responsible for making them and the country unhappy.

7.       Angry voters know life is going on tomorrow.

8.       Angry voters know the sun is going to come up.

9.       Angry voters know they are going to take care of what’s important in their lives.

10.   Angry voters know the impeachment outcome is not in doubt but such is no consolation.

11.   Angry voters know the GOP controls the Senate.

12.   Angry voters know the story is already written.

13.   Angry voters have their minds made up and an overwhelming majority are for POTUS TRUMP contrary to the effete democrat narrative. Given the media coverage of POTUS TRUMP, his approval rating is 80-90% not 45% as polls suggest.

14.   Angry voters know there is no possibility of removal.

15.   Angry voters know the democrats have wasted their time and their money and have trashed the country and have done nothing to help them be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS since POTUS TRUMP was elected and that the fix was in to impeach him from before his inauguration.

16.   Angry voters know the democrats have squandered $40 million plus of the nation’s money in these foolish investigations and hearings.

17.   Angry voters know the DNC should pay back the country far in excess of $40 million for their impeachment perfidy wrongfully and illegally foisted off on the American people.

18.   Angry voters know the democrats have no facts while the republican factual arguments have blown the Schiff Nadler democrat emotional arguments out of the water.

19.   Angry voters know the trial will end in acquittal.

20.   Angry voters know that the democrats conducted an illegal impeachment.

21.   Angry voters have fallen asleep during the democrat Schiff Nadler droning arguments and that there is no need for added witnesses to prolong the partisan charade.

22.   Angry voters know that it is a blatant lie that Schiff Nadler competently and legally conducted themselves during House impeachment hearings or Senate. They know that Schiff Nadler Pelosi Schumer have done nothing for their constituencies or the nation in general to help them be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS since POTUS was elected.

23.   Angry voters know the media is likewise skewed dramatically against POTUS Trump.

24.   Angry voters know that Joe Biden and his son and family are corrupt and that Joe and his family wrongfully took vast sums of money and that Joe failed miserably in his duties as Vice President and cannot show where he has helped us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS.

25.   Angry voters know also that Joe Biden was complicit in all of the ill done by POTUS OBAMA and that “the Obama administration” is a euphemism and that POTUS Obama and Joe were responsible for all the negative produced during the Obama years.

26.   https://www.breitbart.com/news/in-divided-america-some-voters-tuning-out-impeachment-trial/

27.   Angry voters are yelling at Adam Schiff (D-CA), telling him to “move to Venezuela.”

28.   Angry voters know Adam Schiff is a liar having lied repeatedly making up lies about POTUS Trump, lying to the Congres and the American people.

29.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP did not abuse his power and was well within his rights to ask for an investigation of the corruption of the Bidens and many other politicians who have had their hands in the Ukrainian and China and other foreign and domestic tills stealing money for their personal and their campaign use. The Sweizer book Profiles in Corruption and Rudy Giuliani disclosures of Biden and other corruption are but the tip of the iceberg.

30.   Angry voters are highly incensed that those in high places who have enriched themselves at the expense of the voters have not been indicted and shamed and where law was violated jailed for their perfidy. Will AG BILL BARR please stand up and be counted?

31.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP did not withhold aid from Ukraine unless the investigation of the Bidens and others took place.

32.   Angry voters also know POTUS TRUMP did not obstruct Congress by blocking documents and witnesses unlawfully. They know the minority was denied due process including right to litigate differences of opinion while the democrat majority rushed to impeach before Christmas.

33.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP has been denied due process by Schiff Nadler Pelosi throughout the House impeachment activities.

34.   https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/26/impeachment-protester-yells-adam-schiff-move-venezuela/

35.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP has not committed a high crime or misdemeanor and that Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have fallen abjectly short of the standard need to convict POTUS TRUMP let alone remove POTUS TRUMP from office.

36.   Angry voters know that the republican minority has the facts while all Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have is conjecture, generalities, suppositions, mind reading drivel, and no impeachable offenses.

37.   Angry voters know there has not been a constitutionally authorized bi-partisan impeachment of POTUS TRUMP.

38.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP has done nothing of a criminal nature.

39.   Angry voters know the democrats cannot prove abuse of power.

40.   Angry voters know the democrats cannot prove obstruction of congress no matter how over the top maudlin Adam Schiff is during his arguments.

41.   Angry voters know the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are precisely the arguments the framers of the Constitution rejected because partisan impeachments let the majority exercise tyranny over the minority.

42.   https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/26/dershowitz-house-managers-case-falls-short-of-impeachment-standard-even-if-true/

43.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP has shown restrain, deliberateness, and immense ability to make tough decisions and that POTUS TRUMP has saved the world millions of deaths in the matters of North Korea and Iran and otherwise, while at the same time giving the nation the best economy and stock market and more jobs for BLACKS, HISPANICS, ASIANS, NATIVE AMERICANS, and WHITES than in the history of our country.

44.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP made the right call to kill Iranian Quds Force leader Qasem Soeimani and that POTUS TRUMP’S decisive approach has prevented a major war with Iran.

45.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP consults with his cabinet, asks for intelligence, takes the opinion of his leadership, takes a very calculated and measured response over time.

46.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is methodical and calm and asks lots of questions and updates before he jumps to conclusions.

47.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is properly advised and that there is a process to present POTUS TRUMP with options and the risks and ladder of escalation associated with each situation.

48.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is highly involved in the process when it comes to decisions that involve potential loss of American lives or even the lives of adversaries.

49.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP likes differing points of view, wants debate, wants to see the debate.

50.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP relies on intelligence and relied on intelligence that Soleimani was planning a major attack.

51.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP has kept more campaign promises than any previous POTUS while the democrats have kept but one which was to impeach POTUS TRUMP.

52.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is not like Joe Biden at all. Joe has enriched himself and his family in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere while making decisions contrary to the good of the country. POTUS TRUMP has done more to help America be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS than the democrats hoped of doing.

53.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP was not erratic in responding to Iran.

54.   Angry voters know Soleimani was taken out because Iran conducted a series of provocative actions against the U.S. and its allies including 11 rocket attacks on installations in Iraq where U.S. forces were present, including attack on oil plants in Saudi Arabia that took out half of the oil output, including seizure of a United Kingdom ship, including attacks on Japanese and Norwegian oil tankers, and shooting down of a U.S. drone.

55.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP chose economic sanctions but that POTUS TRUMP’s patience ran out after Iranian-backed forces targeted and killed an American contractor and wounded four American service members.

56.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP has been patient and that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told the truth.

57.   Angry voters know that when an Iranian Shia militia rocket attack killed the American contractor and wounded U.S. troops in Iraq, POTUS TRUMP was presented a list of options, and only then did POTUS TRUMP authorize airstrikes against Shia militia targets, including weapons storage facilities and command posts used to attack U.S. and coalition forces, and killing about two dozen militia fighters.

58.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP said “Iran will be held fully responsible for lives lost, or damage incurred, at any of our facilities. They will pay a very BIG PRICE! This is not a Warning, it is a Threat. Happy New Year!”

59.   Angry voters know that criticism from the left which has been swift and loud was unfounded, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticism was “reckless,” “impulsive,” with no planning or forethought and that her response was in fact fiction.

60.   Angry voters know that the democrats are politically motivated and that they do not care for us the voters and that the democrat criticisms are not patriotic, keeping in mind that the Iran counterattacks resulted in structural damage, but did not kill any Americans or Iraquis.

61.   Angry voters know that POTUS TRUMP called for Iran to return to the negotiating table on its illicit nuclear program.

62.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is a statesman while Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer are politically effete, having done nothing for their constituencies and nothing for the country, and that the four should be voted and drummed out of congress for their waste of $40 million dollars on the failed Mueller Report and their many other failed, unproven “collusion with the Russians” and “obstruction of justice” wild accusations against POTUS TRUMP.

63.   Angry voters know former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Obama Adm. (Ret.) Sandy Winnefield wrote in the Hill: “Whether one agrees with the elimination of General Qassem Soleimani as the correct means of signaling Iran, it was an important statement that a new red line is in effect. … Now Iran (and presumably other self-alienated states) have been served notice that they will be held more directly accountable for the actions of their proxies, particularly when those actions result in the death of an American.”

64.   Angry voters know Obama National Security Adviser Marine Gen. (Ret.) Jim Jones said at a recent forum, “What the administration did in the Soeimani case is absolutely correct. I think it’s the right thing to do.”

65.   Angry voters know Reuel Marc Gerecht, former C.I.A. specialist on Iran at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies is right – He’s (POTUS TRUMP’S) not a strategist. But his tactical game hasn’t been bad. The hit on Suleimani was genius – totally flummoxed his opponent,

66.   Angry voters know that democrat and republican opponents who portray POTUS TRUMP as an erratic decision-maker do not know what they are talking about and that the evidence does not support that contention.

67.   Angry voters know POTUS Obama for eight years was paralyzed by fear of adverse consequences and therefore did nothing.

68.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP is more precise and disciplined that either POTUS OBAMA or POTUS George W. Bush hoped to be.

69.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP comes from a rough New York real estate business experience where setbacks, challenges, back stabbing, incomplete information, competition demands clear thinking and excellent decision making.

70.   Angry voters know POTUS TRUMP goes to the experts to get information and then he makes the hard choice with a high degree of self-confidence and ANGRY VOTERS know that 4 more years of POTUS TRUMP will be of greatest benefit to the nation.

71.   https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/26/on-iran-commander-chief-trump-showed-restraint-deliberateness-ability-make-tough-decisions/

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