Is Coronavirus COVID-19 a hoax? No. Although we need some help with Influenza as well. BARREL & PORK. WE REPORT! YOU DECIDE!

1. BARREL, are you saying that the Coronavirus COVID-19 is a hoax?

Coronavirus COVID 19 by Ricardo Richard W Linford

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2. Not at all, PORK. 

3. Although, what is needed is common sense wisdom that derives from perspective and experience.

4. Notwithstanding the comparatively very few infected and dead from COVID-19, or from SARS and MERS in the past, the CDC and  POTUS TRUMP and others need to take aggressive action including the several billion in funding and do what they can to prevent its spread – 

5. while the media needs to shut up about coronavirus COVID-19 and 

6. the investors need to chill out simply because nobody needs to go out and buy a mask.

7. The real pandemic, though, is Influenza which from a symptom view can hardly be distinguished from a Coronavirus. 

8. Just look at the vast number ill, hospitalized, and dead from Influenza. 

9. At the same time we need several billion dollars focused on wiping out influenza. 

10. Historically, Influenza has caused millions of deaths world-wide while SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 will have caused a few thousand.

Influenza virus  by Ricardo Richard W Linford

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