BARREL, here are FIFTY REASONS I will not be voting for Joe Biden – reasons based on media, Sweizer’s book Profiles in Corruption, and my conclusion that Joe is corrupt, incompetent, and senile. 

Have at it, PORK. 

1.      My first conclusion is that Joe is the king of corruption having facilitated his self-enrichment including enriching self and five family members, his son Hunter, his son-in-law Howard, his brother James, his brother Frank, and his Sister Valerie. (See

2.      Joe is corrupt because he engineered having his son get a million dollar job from Ukraine company Burisma when Joe and the Oligarch owner of Burisma knew his son had no oil and gas experience.;

3.      Joe is corrupt because he engineered his brother receiving a billion dollar IRAQ construction contract when his brother had no construction experience.;

4.      Joe is corrupt because he engineered his sister receiving X dollars.;

5.      Joe is corrupt and Bernie is corrupt because they have cashed in and taken X dollars into his own campaign and other accounts to further their power grabs and enrich themselves.;; All one need do is take a hard look at How Joe Biden Went from Middle-Class Joe career politician with net worth of less than $30,000 in 2009 to a Millionaire many times over. Only one illustration, take a hard look at how Joe got $540,000 as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, coupled with lucrative book deals.

6.      Joe is corrupt because he facilitated his son getting a billion dollars plus from China for his incompetent son’s and John Kerry’s son’s start-up hedge fund because of which Joe is incapable of controlling China’s economic or COVID-19 or any other China U.S. relationship.;

7.      Joe is corrupt because he withheld a billion dollars from Ukraine quid pro quo until Ukraine fired the prosecutor looking into Ukraine company Burisma where his son was a board member and then on camera Joe bragged and laughed about it.

8.      Joe is corrupt because according to Glenn Beck Joe helped launder a billion U.S. dollars thru a Ukraine Oligarch and Ukraine and other banks to fund a proxy war with Russia.

9.      Joe is corrupt because just before he and Obama left office he rushed to give $150 billion dollars –  much in cash – to Iran knowing Iran would use the money to stoke terrorism and war against us, our allies, and our troops.

10.   Joe is corrupt because he knew about and condoned Hillary Clinton’s bleach bitting her emails and hammering her blackberries and illegally using a private server and taking millions pay to play into the Clinton Foundation and personal accounts for her personal use as well her “fake video” lies about Benghazi to help Obama at Romney’s expense.

11.   Joe is corrupt because while he was Obama’s VP he knew about and condoned the FISA surveillance of POTUS TRUMP and his campaign.

12.   Joe is corrupt because he knew about and condoned and supported Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer, in their fake partisan impeachment of POTUS TRUMP.

13.   Joe is corrupt because he knew about and condoned the fake Mueller investigation.

14.   Joe is corrupt because he supports open borders which would have left us with hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 cases and thousands of deaths.

15.   Joe is corrupt because he voted for and supports democrat driven abortion which to date since primarily democrat Roe v Wade has caused more than 300,000,000 unborn babies to be killed surgically and chemically since 1973 – 50,000,000+ Black babies, 50,000,000+ Hispanic babies, 200,000,000+ Native American, Asian American, Caucasian babies.

16.   Joe is corrupt having worked with Obama to facilitate the transfer payment building of other nations all the while destroying American values and the American middle class.

17.  My second conclusion is that Joe is incompetent.

18.   He is incompetent because he is a quintessential career politician, part of the gravy train establishment, who has never met a payroll and doesn’t understand how the real world works.

19.   Joe is incompetent because he cost us multi-millions of dollars in exorbitant health care costs.

20.   Joe is incompetent because he was and still is responsible for all of Obama’s incompetent policies that were designed to and in fact did curtail our freedom, safety, and prosperity.

21.   Joe is incompetent as a career politician because he cannot point to one promise he has kept in all his years as a government bureaucrat that helps us be free, safe, or prosperous while POTUS TRUMP has kept more than 300 of his campaign promises all focused on helping us be free, safe, and prosperous.

22.   My third conclusion is that Joe is senile, showing the weaknesses or diseases of dementia,  of old age, the loss of his mental facilities including decreased memory and mental faculties.

23.   I believe Joe is senile because he can’t remember the facts.

24.   Joe is senile because he can’t debate with reason so he has to resort to profanity, calling out the “deplorables” who challenge him for his corruption.

25.   Joe is described as senior moment Joe.

26.   Joe is senior moment senile because he can’t remember who others are.

27.   Joe is senior moment senile because he can’t remember where he is.

28.   Joe is senile because he can’t remember who he is.

29.   Joe is senile because he can’t remember what he is.

30.   Joe is senile because he can’t remember the difference between flu and COVID-19.

31.   Joe is described in the media as a senile creepy sniffing hands on old man without the stamina to campaign let alone carry out the heavy duties of POTUS – skipping major party events, hiding from the press, holding only a quarter and half as many public events as other candidates..

32.   Joe is described in the media as a senile political gaffe machine.

33.   Or misspeak Joe.

34.   Or freak-out get angry Joe.

35.   Or shocking mental lapse cognitive decline Joe.

36.   My fourth conclusion is that Joe is a calamity waiting to happen.

37.   Joe is described as physically infirm.

38.   He suffered a burst blood vessel in his eye.

39.   His loose dentures are telling.

40.   Joe underwent brain surgery.

41.   He experienced multiple brain aneurysms.

42.   All told, for too long Joe has had his fun in the sun as a Senator and as VP.

43.   Now it is time to retire old Joe to pasture.

44.   Joe ran for POTUS and lost in 1988.

45.   He ran and lost again in 2008.

46.   His runs for the presidency are described in the media as calamities – losing for “plagiarism” and for saying “he graduated in the top half of his law school, when in fact, he ranked 76th out of 85.”

47.   Joe confessed that he can’t handle two terms. In my judgment, Joe can’t handle one.

48.   Why? Summed up, BARREL,  because Joe admits he wasn’t actually arrested in apartheid South Africa.

49.   The New Republic concludes that Joe is Collapsing.

50.   In my judgment, Joe has already collapsed and Joe’s electability is a myth with fatal implications for the country. At the same time POTUS TRUMP is working over time to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS.

I agree with you PORK. 


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