1.    BARREL, I watched a couple of videos online about Biological and Medical applications of plasma-activated water, liquid solutions, other substances, and air, and the errant thought crossed my non-medical mind about the value of plasma activated water, air, and other liquids in Coronavirus and Influenza virus and Cancer treatment and cure? So I looked at a few abstracts.

2.    What did you find, PORK? 

3.   The following BARREL: “Abstract. Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma has been proposed as a new tool for various biological and medical applications.

4.    “Plasma in close proximity to cell culture media or water creates reactive oxygen and nitrogen species containing solutions known as plasma-activated media (PAM) or plasma-activated water (PAW) – the latter even displays acidification.

5.    “These plasma-treated solutions remain stable for several days with respect to the storage temperature.

6.    “Recently, PAM and PAW have been widely studied for many biomedical applications.

7.    “Here, we reviewed promising reports demonstrating plasma-liquid interaction chemistry and the application of PAM or PAW as

8.    an anti-cancer,

9.    anti-metastatic,

10. antimicrobial,

11. regenerative medicine

12. for blood coagulation

13. and even as a dental treatment agent.

14.”We also discuss the role of PAM

15. on cancer initiation cells (spheroids or cancer stem cells),

16. on the epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT),

17. and when used for metastasis inhibition considering its anticancer effects.

18.”The roles of PAW in controlling plant disease,

19. seed decontamination,

20. seed germination

21. and plant growth

22. are also considered in this review.

23. “Finally, we emphasize the future prospects of PAM,

24. PAW or plasma-activated solutions in biomedical applications

25. with a discussion of the mechanisms

26. and the stability

27. and safety issues in relation to humans.


29. anticancer;

30. antimicrobial;

31. cold atmospheric pressure plasma;

32. dental application;

33. plasma-activated media;

34. plasma-activated water


36. And another “Review

37. Plasma activated water (PAW): Chemistry, physico-chemical properties, applications in food and agriculture

38. Author links open overlay panelRohitThirumdasaAnjinelyuluKothakotabUdayAnnapurecKalirameshSiliverudRenaldBlundellefRubenGattfVasilis P.Valdramidisgh

39. rights and content

40. Highlights

41. PAW is easy to apply replacing the traditional sanitizing solutions.

42. Synergistic effect of acidification of water and reactive species is evident in PAW.

43. Nitrate of PAW absorbed through the roots act as plant growth enhancers.

44. Active species of PAW contribute to seed germination enhancement.

45. PAW has the ability to inhibit the hormones responsible for seed dormancy.

46. “Abstract

47. Background

48. Cold plasma is an emerging non-thermal disinfection and surface modification technology which is chemical free, and eco-friendly.

49. Plasma treatment of water, termed as plasma activated water (PAW), creates an acidic environment which results in changes of the redox potential, conductivity and in the formation of reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen species (RNS).

50. As a result, PAW has different chemical composition than water and can serve as an alternative method for microbial disinfection.

51. Scope and approach

52. This paper reviews the different plasma sources employed for PAW generation, its physico-chemical properties and potential areas of PAW applications.

53. More specifically, the physical and chemical properties of PAW are outlined in relation to the acidity, conductivity, redox potential, and concentration of ROS, RNS in the treated water.

54. All these effects are in microbial nature, so the applications of PAW for microbial disinfection are also summarized in this review.

55. Finally, the role of PAW in improving the agricultural practices, for example, promoting seed germination and plant growth, is also presented.

56. Key findings and conclusions

57. PAW appears to have a synergistic effect on the disinfection of food while it can also promote seedling growth of seeds.

58. The increase in the nitrate and nitrite ions in the PAW could be the main reason for the increase in plant growth.

59. Soaking seeds in PAW not only serves as an anti-bacterial but also enhances the seed germination and plant growth.

60. PAW could potentially be used to increase crop yield and to fight against the drought stress environmental conditions.

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64. Plasma activated water

65. Reactive oxygen species

66. Reactive nitrogen species

67. Microbial disinfection

68. Seed germination

69. Novel technologies



72. “Plasma activated water (PAW) is a versatile medium for both biomedical and agricultural applications.

73. “Currently under investigation and promising are its applications e.g plant disease control, plant nutrition, surface disinfection, surgical equipment sterilization, skin disinfection, wound treatment, dental bleaching and root disinfection, bladder infection and cancer treatment [1,2,3,4,5,6].

74. PAW active ingredients comprise transient reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS and RNS, combined abbreviation RONS).



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