The real loser in the debate besides Joe Biden? BARREL & PORK. We report! You decidel!

1. BARREL, who was the real loser in the debate besides Joe Biden?

2. Well, PORK, the drive by media and pundits who are trashing POTUS TRUMP’s debate performance are dead wrong. They don’t get what really happened. Things in life are often not what they appear to be at a superficial level and analysis.

3. Chris Wallace was the real loser besides Joe Biden because, like Candy Crowley in the Romney Obama debate, Chris inserted his ego and his animus toward POTUS TRUMP into the debate and it was obvious.

4. Wallace shut down POTUS TRUMP multiple times while POTUS TRUMP knocked Biden out. Wallace made POTUS TRUMP debate him when Biden lost the thread.

4. Reminiscent of the Obama Romney fight debate, POTUS TRUMP had to fight debate Biden and the moderator Wallace while at the same time Wallace allowed Biden to pontificate yet not answer one question cogently without challenge.

5. While both were talking over one another, while Biden insulted and called POTUS TRUMP names and did not answer most if not all of the questions Chris posed to him, Wallace intentionally interrupted the president of the United States nearly a hundred times while he interrupted Joe nearly 20 times.

6. Rush Limbaugh is right. 

7. Wallace, like Candy Crowley, inserted his ego and his animus toward POTUS TRUMP into the debate and Wallace is the real loser in the debate besides Biden notwithstanding Wallace’s protestations that he did the best he could. What that means is like the impeachment cabal, Wallace did the best he could to shut down the winning President of the United States. And mark my words, the American electorate understands and admires POTUS TRUMP for the fighter he is.

8. Next time, if there is a next time and if Chris Wallace is ever invited to moderate again, he needs to take himself out of the mix and let the candidates mix it up and beat on each other. 

9. This election is a heavy weight fight not a quilting bee for little old ladies.

10. Notwithstanding having to deal with disrespect from Joe and Chris, POTUS TRUMP is a powerful alpha wolf cage fighter and he came out loaded for bear and he pummeled Biden knocking Biden out for the count and here is why.

11. How did he do that? POTUS TRUMP got Biden to repudiate the Green New Deal and admit that he lied to the far left and lied to the moderates. Joe can’t have it both ways. Joe lost his base.

12. In doing so, Joe admitted that he lied to and conned Bernie and all of Bernie’s followers and so Joe just lost Bernie and all of his followers. POTUS TRUMP is right. Joe lost his base.

13. Again, Biden admitted that he lied to the far left contingent and that he lied to the moderates. You can’t have it both ways. Joe lost his base.

14. POTUS TRUMP got Biden to admit that he supports Antifa and is a foe of law and order. Joe wouldn’t say the words law and order. Joe has the albatross of democrat run cities and the violence hung about his kneck. 

15. POTUS TRUMP knocked Biden out for the count when Biden could not name one law and order association supporting his campaign most of which traditionally supported democrat candidates in the past and all of which support POTUS TRUMP. Joe lost his moderates base and further alienated all first responders when he said he would defund the police.

16. POTUS TRUMP got Biden to face the fact that he and Hunter and Joe’s other family members unethically used Joe’s office to gather and launder millions of dollars from China and Ukraine and Iraq and Russia. In doing this, POTUS TRUMP showed the country that Biden and his family are corrupt. At the same time POTUS TRUMP galvanized his TRUMP base.

17. POTUS TRUMP is absolutely right when he said “Joe, you just lost your base.” 

15. This is a base election because all of us know already who we are going to vote for. Without a base, Joe and the democrats are toast.

16. At the same time POTUS TRUMP’s base is galvanized. 

17. Joe Biden was caught in a lie, got knocked out, and as a consequence lost his base and lost the election in the process.

18. And the democrat leadership knows this. 

19. Because Joe lost the debate and alienated and lost his base, that is why all the democrats are advising Joe not to show up for subsequent debates. They would be well advised to have Joe drop out of the race. Joe ran and lost before and this time around it is not going to be any different for him.

BARREL & PORK. We report. You decide.

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