2. Yes, PORK. Listen to Rudy Giuliani’s recent Common Sense podcast. See https://rudygiulianics.com/ of which following is a transcript.

2.     “Welcome to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense. This is another episode and this is a very important one. 

3.      “We’re going to summarize the state of the evidence against the Biden Crime Family.

4.      “It’s really mounted up since the disclosures of the emails and texts and photographs of Hunter Biden and now things that were proven by witnesses, documents, and video tapes, that were ignored and lied about by the press, are now proven by Hunter Biden’s own words.

5.      “Let me assure you that this is his hard drive.

6.      “It was given to my lawyer by the gentleman who had repaired it.

7.      “It had been left behind by, he says, a drunken Hunter Biden who came in and had a very hard time even signing and did describe what he wanted.

8.      “He came back one time to supply a keyboard and then after it was repaired he never returned even though there was substantial notices to return.

9.      “After a while when the gentleman heard things on the news suggesting that the Bidens may or may not have been involved in criminal activity he became very concerned that possibly he was holding some kind of illegal material.

10.   “So it was now his property according to the contract signed by Hunter Biden which we have right here.

11.   “The property was abandoned and property that is abandoned under the law becomes the property of the person that is in possession of it.

12.   “So he had every right to listen to what was there and look at what was there and he was shocked .

13.   “What he saw he said was clear evidence of a crime, clear evidence that the Bidens were lying over and over again .

14.   “And then on the photographs clear evidence of criminal activity and some activity I would have a hard time describing and really should be left to more private discussion.

15.   “In short, what these photographs display is a Hunter Biden who is a very serious I would say degenerate crack addict.

16.   “What that means is he doesn’t get rehabilitated.

17.   “When he goes into rehabilitation there is even picture of him going out at night smoking crack.

18.   “So what it looks like is all during the period of time when he was taking millions and millions and millions of dollars there would be pictures of him sitting in a closet smoking dope or engaged in sex while smoking crack with the woman, sometimes on his own.  

19.   “It proves without any doubt that none of this money was intended for Hunter Biden because nobody would pay this guy ten dollars.

20.   “You couldn’t be sure if you gave him ten dollars to go get a bottle of milk for you that he’d come back.

21.   “So there’s no way that some of the biggest criminals in the world are going to be paying him $10,000,000 to $14,000,000 or $30,000,000 or investing in a $1,500,000,000 (one point five billion dollar) completely ridiculous private equity fund.

22.   “So what commodity did Hunter have to sell?

23.   “That’s pretty easy isn’t it?

24.   “The Vice Presidency of the United States.

25.   “Which … his uncle and Joes younger brother had been doing for the prior twenty years.

26.   “And that’s why this is a crime family.

27.   “I know their name is not Italian.

28.   “But you know, this RICO statute applies to political corruption. It applies to white collar crime.

29.   “I am the first one to really use it to effectively bring down the Mafia, the Mafia drug dealers, the Teamsters Union, the Fulton Fish Market, the private carding industry, and then Wall Street, and then after that United States Congressmen, and a substantial number of New York City officials, New York State officials, Republican and Democrat, probably that’s what got me elected mayor.

30.   “Didn’t do it for that reason but that’s what made me well known in New York and taught me what was wrong with New York.

31.   “So I know this statute backwards and forwards and this is a perfect case for it because this Biden Family was engaging in the business of crime.

32.   “And their commodity? Joe’s public office.

33.   “And Joe, you will see, shared in the proceeds which is clearly admitted by his co-conspirators.

34.   “So let me outline it for you so that you will be able to follow all of this.

35.   “And there will be more than what I am just saying but I am taking four that will get the most prominence.  

36.   “Now we’re going to focus on when he was Vice President of the United States because that’s where the big money was made.

37.   “Before he was Vice President of the United States he made substantial amounts of money through the lobbying of his brothers, the fact that his son had a no show job with a major bank in Delaware. Joe Biden was the only Democratic Senator that lobbied in favor of banks, against using the bankruptcy laws, because all democrats were in favor of that.

38.   “Theoretically, they like to say they represent poor people.

39.   “Joe was representing the rich bank that was employing his son in a no show job which is how his drug addict son began his career.

40.   “But nobody else would employ him because he’d be out two three days a week.

41.   “You know. Looking for crack.

42.    “It’s a terrible problem.

43.   “And I don’t mean to pick on Hunter for being an addict.

44.   “That’s a terrible affliction.

45.   “As a father, I blame Joe Biden. I say to myself.

46.   “I don’t know if I had a child afflicted by that wouldn’t I take care of them and keep them in rehabilitation.

47.   “Would I expose them to the most crooked man in Ukraine, one of the most crooked people in China, to probably the most crooked woman in Russia?

48.   “Would I do that to a drug addict son? Just because of greed?

49.   “I don’t know. I think this is Joe Biden’s fault.

50.   “But in any event I have outlined four transactions here. [TWO SET FORTH IN THIS POST.]

51.   “And these are the principle players that we can identify from the analysis we have done so far of the texts and the emails and the photographs.

52.   “And I have to say we have analyzed about a quarter of it. For it is very, very extensive.

53.   “So what you have, and I will summarize them really quickly is let’s call this JOE THE POINT MAN.

54.   “Obama was very, very comfortable with that designation POINT MAN.

55.   “So when IRAQ, when we were negotiating to end our role in IRAQ it was really, really critical for the national security interests of the United States that we retain troops there so that we could keep IRAN from basically creating an extension of the Islamic Republic of IRAN empire.

56.   “And Joe Biden was sent to do that.

57.   “Now that was probably a very foolish decision by President Obama because Joe Biden honestly had never succeeded at any negotiation ever.

58.   “Robert Gates, his co-cabinet member in the Obama administration, probably commenting on this and any number of other things including his opposition to killing Bin Laden said that Joe Biden had never been correct on any matter of foreign policy in his entire life.

59.   “That’s a quote from his fellow cabinet member.

60.   “Well, he [Joe] went to IRAQ.

61.   “He was supposed to negotiate this agreement that the IRAQIS would allow ten to twenty thousand American troops to stay behind and have immunity from prosecution so  they couldn’t get caught in the cross fire between the Sunis, the Shias, and the other elements there.

62.   “Of course, he failed.

63.   “But the Biden Crime Family came out of it really good. Really, really good.

64.   “James, his brother, who had no experience in housing was all of a sudden miraculously made part of a one point five billion dollar ($1,500,000,000), seems like a convenient number for them, one point five billion dollar housing deal in IRAQ.

65.   “And like Hunter, James had no experience – in building houses.

66.   “He [James] was a sleezy lobbyest on K street.

67.   “And I say sleezy advisedly because it was all over the newspapers if you care to ask and every time it would come up Joe would say I don’t know my family’s business.

68.   “After a while, that becomes kind of an incredible answer, doesn’t it.

69.   “[THE IRAQ DEAL] Then of course we have the Russian situation, that’s the IRAQ situation [pointing to descriptive diagram], the money goes to his brother and as you will see about half that money will end up in the pocket of Joe Biden.

70.   “As well, James will be responsible for some of the Biden family expenses.

71.   “‘Cause Joe didn’t pay for much. [Ad]

72.   “Thank you for returning to the discussion of the Biden Crime Family.

73.   “[THE RUSSIAN DEAL] The second one we have is Russia. Russia is a little cloudy. Don’t know it as well. We’re just digging it out but it is quite clear that Hunter Biden received $3.5 million dollars ($3,500,000) from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, the former mayor of Moscow, since deceased. Catarina Batarina.

74.   “Catarina is quite a character.

75.   “I mean she’s now considered the wealthiest woman in Russia.

76.   “Probably the most dangerous woman in Russia.

77.   “She more or less double crossed her husband to get him out of office and placate Putin.

78.   “Putin might have actually had a good reason to get rid of her husband.

79.   “Because her husband whom I knew because he was the mayor of Moscow when I was mayor of New York.

80.   “Her husband was really an out of control crook.

81.   “He was taking money from Putin’s friends.

82.   “Not a good idea.

83.   “So they got him out and she became even closer to Putin as a result of that.

84.   “So when you think of that $3.5 million dollars, I want you to remember that it is coming from one of Putin’s allies.

85.   “Remember, Russian collusion that the democrats charged the president with.

86.   “There was no Russian collusion.

87.   “We now know from the Brennan notes that Hillary made that up.

88.   “But even more galling than that no Republican got any money from Russia.

89.   “These characters got $3.5 million dollars ($3,500,000) from Putin’s best friend.

90.   “And the press doesn’t care.

91.   “The press doesn’t care.

92.   “Actually, it’s a little bit more than $3.5 million.

93.   “It’s closer to $3.8 because there were two laundered payments that I think can be easily proven.

94.   “And we still don’t know why.

95.   “Because Biden lied about it during the debate when he said there was no such transaction.

96.   “I don’t know that if Joe just thinks he can say this and because the press is like sickeningly on his side, as the moderator was.

97.   “Nobody is going to really pay attention to the documents that show the money.

98.   “But we got ‘em Joe.

99.   “Anybody interested in truth and fairness is going to want to see them.

100.          “So now let’s get to Ukraine [IN THE NEXT POST] which we have heard a lot about.


BARREL & PORK. © 2020. We report! You decide!       

Suggestion for POTUS TRUMP? Bring all media owners moguls into situation room for a multi-hour briefing and Q&A and leave their dog-in-the manger minions outside.

1. So BARREL, I have a suggestion for POTUS TRUMP. I have been watching POTUS TRUMP’S daily coronavirus briefings and watching all of the snarky questions from the so-called reporters and I have what may be an intriguing epiphany/idea.

2. What is that PORK? 

3. How about bringing all of the media owner moguls from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Breitbart News, Drudge Report, Infowars, Washington POST, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Times, etc., etc., to a special multi-hour news briefing to them and the nation and leave all of their low level dog in the manger minions outside for a change?

4. How about talking directly to the media owners? 

5. Get them in the same room and review COVID 19 with them and any other matters of interest.

6. And do so face to face and then use ZOOM or Gotomeeting weekly and get them involved in the solution so their dog in the manger minions don’t keep roiling the nation with their negativity.

7. Wow, PORK. That is a spectacular suggestion. 

8. BARREL, my bet is that the media owner moguls are more than willing to help the nation and that at the same time they are willing to change the tone of the media from negative to positive and thereby help contain COVID 19 and get the economy back on a fast track.


Is the DO NOTHING BOOMERANG the new symbol of the democratic party? Looks like it. BARREL & PORK. We report! You decide!

1.    PORK, you know of course that the DO NOTHING BOOMERANG is the new party symbol for the Democratic party? 

2.    Yes, I do, BARREL. 

3.    Clinton paid for fake Russia dossier boomeranged.

4.    Clinton Benghazi fake video boomeranged.

5.    Clinton bleach bit destruction of emails boomeranged.

6.    Clinton hammers to Blackberries boomeranged.

7.    Clinton takeover of DNC finances boomeranged.

8.    Clinton China gate tech transfer boomeranged.

9.    Clinton Lynch Tarmac meeting boomeranged.

10. Clinton Foundation cash from governments and individuals boomeranged.

11. Clinton Quid Pro Quo from foreign governments and individuals boomeranged.

12. Obama false FISA warrants boomeranged.

13. Obama Fast and Furious boomeranged.

14. Obama Biden billions to Iran boomeranged.

15. Biden China gate boomeranged.

16. Biden Ukraine gate boomeranged.

17. Comey leaks boomeranged.

18. Comey usurpation of AG role boomeranged.

19. Pelosi, Schumer anti Gorsich and Kavanaugh efforts boomeranged.

20. Pelosi, Schumer multi-million dollar waste of a Mueller Report boomeranged.

21. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Podesta Russia collusion boomeranged.

22. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler Obstruction of justice boomeranged.

23. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler Bribery accusation boomeranged.

24. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler Star Chamber Impeachment boomeranged.

25. Pelosi ripping up State of the Union address boomeranged.

26. Pelosi doing nothing to help her California constituency is boomeranging.

27. Schiff doing nothing to help his California constituency is boomeranging.

28. Schumer doing nothing to help his New York constituency is boomeranging.

29. Nadler doing nothing to help his New York constituency is boomeranging.

30. Sanders pushing a socialist agenda is boomeranging.

31. Bloomberg pushing his billions Johnny come lately is boomeranging.

32. Romney voting against POTUS TRUMP and doing nothing to help his Utah constituency boomeranged.

33. Dems doing little or nothing to help our military boomeranged.

34. Doing little or nothing to secure our borders and help fund and build the wall boomeranged.

35. Doing little or nothing to help fund and improve our infrastructure boomeranged.

36. Doing little or nothing to help reduce regulations and get rid of political corrrectness boomeranged.

37. Doing little or nothing to help reduce costs of health care boomeranged.

38. Overall, doing nothing to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS boomeranged.

39. PORK, we told the democrats how to win elections but they wouldn’t believe us.

40. We told them why POTUS TRUMP continues to win and has such high approval ratings and will win a second term.

41. Remind me, BARREL.

42. We told them multiple times, “ALL THE DEMOCRATS NEED TO DO TO WIN ELECTIONS AND BEAT POTUS TRUMP IS STOP CRITICIZING POTUS TRUMP AND HELP US BE FREE, SAFE, AND PROSPEROUS and jettison all of the consultants telling them otherwise.”

43. Not going to happen, BARREL.

44. They are obsessed with TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.

45. Besides, just before the election it would be too little too late if they are so inclined to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS.

46. POTUS TRUMP has already done that and in the process has beaten the democrats at what they thought was their own game.

47. The democrats under Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler have done little or nothing for us except trash the constitutional impeachment power and spend in excess of $30 million of our hard earned money and waste our time for several years in these foolish investigations and impeachment hearings.

48. During the same time, POTUS TRUMP, who was acquitted on all counts, has helped Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, Caucasian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Catholic Americans, Evangelical Americans, Latter-day Saint Americans, Seventh Day Adventist Americans, all American sports enthusiasts, all American military personnel, all Americans be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS



North Korea Solution – THE UNIFIED REPUBLIC OF KOREA! Tear down that DMZ wall Wise Leader Kim Jong-un! President Donald J. Trump: Asking You Wise Leader to peacefully UNIFY North and South Korea. by [Linford, Richard W.]

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Glenn Beck drops hydrogen bomb on democrats including Bidens and democrats. Claims they have been criminally money laundering our tax dollars to fund a proxy war against Russia and to enrich themselves. True or False? We report. You decide.

(c) ™ 2016 -2020

1. So BARREL, Glenn Beck dropped a hydrogen bomb on the democrats last night. Do you think Glenn Beck is right?

2. Glenn Beck has opinions about many things.

3. PORK, coming on the heals of total acquittal of POTUS TRUMP, Glenn dropped a hydrogen bomb on Joe and Hunter Biden and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and other democrats last night, a bomb blast from which the democrat party likely will never recover if true.

4. He showed us last night on his show a democrat Profile in Corruption that is a million times worse than Nixon’s Watergate ever hoped to be. 

5. What Glenn showed us is what he says is evidence that Joe Biden and his son Hunter and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and other high level state department and CIA and FBI government officials and non-government people including at least one oligarch from Ukraine have been participating in a corrupt secret criminal multi- billion dollar money laundering operation using our tax dollars at the very least through Burisma and an Oligarch in Ukraine and a Ukraine bank.

6. BARREL, if that is true, that certainly is treason. It is high crimes and misdemeanor criminal activity and conduct. It is real obstruction of Congress. It is real abuse of power. Why on earth would the people Glenn mentioned do that?

7. PORK, Glenn says these people have done so in secret and they are doing so in secret without congressional approval in order to buy arms and fund a secret Proxy War against Russia and in the process some of them and their family members and cronies have secretly personally gotten rich – see Profiles in Corruption – and at the same time serious amounts of these secretly laundered U.S. government funds. our tax dollars, have been secretly funneled back into the DNC and to democrat candidates and democrat campaigns.

8. BARREL, this sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. If it is true though, if Glenn is correct, this explains so much.

9. How so, PORK?

10. BARREL, if this is true, it explains many if not all of the real reasons why the democrats from before his inauguration were bent on impeaching POTUS TRUMP and were and still are so over the top vociferous about Putin Russia collusion. 

11. This is a far more reasonable explanation. It is not so much that they don’t like POTUS TRUMP, it is that they fear and indeed are terrified that he and AG Barr and John Durham and Rudy Giuliani and others know and are on to them.

12. The anti-POTUS TRUMP media has focused our attention on the idea that all this impeachment is about the simple fact that Hillary lost the election. In hindsight, now, and if Glenn is correct, simple loss of an election is not the compelling reason for all the heat POTUS TRUMP and his family and the nation have been experiencing since POTUS TRUMP was elected. 

13. If it is true that these people have been criminally laundering billion(s) of our hard earned tax money , fear, indeed the sheer terror, of getting caught criminally money laundering our tax dollars to fund a secret proxy war against Russia and enrich themselves and fund the DNC and democrat candidates is a far more compelling reason for all the still ongoing vitriol. If true, they are afraid and actually terrified because they have done wrong and committed treason and high crimes against America.

14. I mean, if this is true and they are in fact secretly funding a proxy war against Russia can you even begin to quantify the unconstitutionality and the sheer stupidity and extreme risk to Americans and the world?

15. If this is true, it explains why Joe Biden was giving Ukraine and a criminal Oligarch huge money and as this unravels it may be and begin to explain the real reason why POTUS OBAMA and Joe gave Iran billions during the month before they left office.

16. If this is true, Glenn’s presentation begins to explain why Hunter Biden was involved on the board of Burisma the Oligarch company’s board. This is not just a simple story of a Vice President’s kid ending up in Ukraine on the board of a corrupt company Burisma owned by the same criminal Oligarch who received U.S. billions as part of the criminal money laundering scheme.

17. If this is true, it explains why the DNC and Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi and Schumer and CIA people are so terrified and intent on accusing POTUS TRUMP of Russian collusion and why they impeached him. This suggests that they know about and even may have participated in the criminal money laundering thru Ukraine to fund the proxy war against Russia. They may have been participants and recipients. They are complicit if they knew. They are co-conspirators if they knew and took laundered U.S. money.

18. If this is true, it may explain why POTUS Obama and Hillary have all but disappeared and been so quiet.

19. If this is true, as the web unravels it may explain in part the millions if not billions funneled to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

20. If this is true, there are a number of highest level people who deserve to be wearing felony treason striped jump suits for many years to come. If true, this starts to explain Vinman and the Ukraine ambassador and Bolton.

21. If this is true, it explains why Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the democrats have been off the charts angry and fearful of POTUS TRUMP talking to Putin outside of their presence – beside themselves wanting to know what was said between the two men.

22. If this is true, it does explain Vinman and John Bolton because they knew and participated. It likely even explains the Whistleblower. It likely explains Bolton’s firing. At the same time somebody ought to look into where Bernie Sanders got his millions.

23. If this is true, it explains the true reasons for POTUS TRUMP’S Ukraine calls. If he was withholding aid at all, and hoping for an investigation, he would have been doing so in order to further document the secret criminal money laundering and secret criminal funding of a proxy war against Russia.

24. If this is true, it [criminal money laundering] may also explain how and where Barack Obama got the funding to win the election and beat Romney and how other Senators and congress persons got and get their campaign funding. It may even explain how Bernie got so rich. And it may explain much of the media vitriol and fake news if the media network leadership knew where the multi-millions in advertising and PR money was coming from.

25. If this is true, it may also tie back to George Soros and the globalist agenda.

26. If this is true, this may also begin to explain why no-experience Hunter Biden got $1.5 billion from China. Glenn says he is going to explain this one next week. He and his team claim to have followed the money. Glenn claims he is going to tell us where the $1.5 billion from China went. I’m going to guess that the $1.5 billion was not hedge fund money at all.

27. If this is true, it explains why Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi and Schumer and the Podestas and the DNC and other congress people and senators and why the anti-TRUMP media have pushed Russia Collusion, Russia Collusion, Russia Collusion, Quid Pro Quo, Bribery, and other charges against POTUS TRUMP.

28. If this is true, it is once again on the part of the democrats a blatant case of Saul Alinsky 101 accuse your opponent of what you are doing.

29. Yes, BARREL, and if this is true, if they have been criminally money laundering billions of our tax dollars to fund a criminal proxy war against Russia, Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham and AG Barr and John Durham and all of the media including those that have been anti-TRUMP for so long better double down and check out Glenn Beck’s hydrogen bomb presentation carefully and if true we can only hope they will stand up and be counted and bring those people who are responsible to justice. 

30. PORK, I’ll bet POTUS TRUMP and AG Barr and John Durham already know all of this. AG Barr and Rudy Giuliani have flown to countries to get the facts. I can’t imagine that they do not already know all of this. Let’s see what they do about it. If true, hopefully they won’t wait too long to eliminate any thought of two-tiered justice.

31. We report. You decide.

FREE, SAFE, AND PROSPEROUS. How to tell if a news organization and its anchors are helping you?

How to tell if a news organization and its anchors are helping you?

Is what they are saying helping you be more FREE? (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Right to bear arms)

Is what they are saying helping you be more SAFE? (Border security, Extreme vetting of immigrants, Elimination of gangs and crime)

Is what they are saying helping you be more PROSPEROUS? (Jobs, Manufacturing, Tax reduction)

FREE, SAFE, AND PROSPEROUS. How to tell if a media writer or actor or producer is helping you?

How to tell if a media writer or actor or producer is helping you?

Is what she or he is saying and doing helping you be more FREE? (Free from gratuitous sex, violence, objectivization, pornography, and horror)

Is what she or he is saying and doing helping you be more SAFE? (Safe from gratuitous sex, violence, and horror, safe from objectivization of women or men, safe from pornography, safe from sexual harassment)

Is what she or he is saying and doing helping you be more PROSPEROUS? (More enjoyment, more peace, less anxiety and stress)

FREE, SAFE, AND PROSPEROUS. While we are taking on sexual predation and harassment, how about taking on porn and “objectivization” of women and men in the media?

While we are taking on sexual predation and harassment, how about taking on porn and “objectivization” of women and men in the media?

How about calling out all of these movie and film company producers and actors who have gotten filthy rich off of gratuitous sex, violence, and horror to the detriment of our children and families and selves?