Suggestion for POTUS TRUMP? Bring all media owners moguls into situation room for a multi-hour briefing and Q&A and leave their dog-in-the manger minions outside.

1. So BARREL, I have a suggestion for POTUS TRUMP. I have been watching POTUS TRUMP’S daily coronavirus briefings and watching all of the snarky questions from the so-called reporters and I have what may be an intriguing epiphany/idea.

2. What is that PORK? 

3. How about bringing all of the media owner moguls from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Breitbart News, Drudge Report, Infowars, Washington POST, NY Times, LA Times, Chicago Times, etc., etc., to a special multi-hour news briefing to them and the nation and leave all of their low level dog in the manger minions outside for a change?

4. How about talking directly to the media owners? 

5. Get them in the same room and review COVID 19 with them and any other matters of interest.

6. And do so face to face and then use ZOOM or Gotomeeting weekly and get them involved in the solution so their dog in the manger minions don’t keep roiling the nation with their negativity.

7. Wow, PORK. That is a spectacular suggestion. 

8. BARREL, my bet is that the media owner moguls are more than willing to help the nation and that at the same time they are willing to change the tone of the media from negative to positive and thereby help contain COVID 19 and get the economy back on a fast track.


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