1. BARREL, BREITBART Owners and Editors, by continuing to publish dog-in-the-manger Cher and Debra Messing and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff criticism of POTUS, lack common sense.

2. Yes, PORK, they are politicizing and monetizing COVID 19.

3. BARREL, by purveying the negative at this time of crisis for the nation, BREITBART, Cher, Debra Messing, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff have become a major part of the COVID 19 problem. 

4. They obviously have never worked in a state or county emergency or humanitarian or hospital operations center where the rubber meets the road.

5. By adding to our stress and anxiety, they obviously don’t get it, lack common sense, and have no compassion.

6. They don’t get it that real people are dying, real people are sick, real families and individuals are stressed, real people are experiencing cabin fever from sheltering in place. Real people, POTUS and his family and VP Pence included, together with medical personnel, with First Responders, with government employees and leaders including our military, are working round the clock to contain COVID 19, and the last thing anyone needs is BREITBART Owner and Editors and Cher and Debra and Nancy and Adam negativity and criticism. Their criticism is simply not helpful.

7. During an emergency and disaster is not the time for negativity. It is the time to rise to the occasion and help strengthen the nation.

8. Now is the time to offer to help – to ask the question “How can I help? Not how can I criticize?

9. Now is the time to do something and say something positive and including POTUS honor those who are working so hard to contain the virus. Now is the time to stop finding fault.

10. Yes, PORK, these people – BREITBART Editors and Cher and Debra Messing and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff clearly are not part of the COVID 19 solution and have become a major part of the problem. 

11. By criticizing POTUS, they are criticising FEMA and the CDC, and our medical personnel and First Responders and our military and our great State and County and local Emergency Operations personnel who are laying their lives on the line; by criticizing they are sending negative drivel out during this stressful time when people are suffering and dying from COVID 19.

12. Yes, PORK, Cher and Debra Messing and Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and now Breitbart Editors are simply demonstrating their lack of common sense, and their lack of empathy and compassion, most importantly their lack of understanding of the COVID 19 problem, together with their unwillingness to reach out and lend a helping hand. 

13. BARREL, I have this little poem that sums it up.

The critic sits and shouts

Afraid to work or play

The critic sits and pouts

Afraid to help or pay

The critic sits and doubts

No good she thinks to say

The critic sits and spouts

Sad negatives every day

The critic sits and touts

Her virtues come what may

We Report! You Decide.