BARREL, POTUS Trump is going to make a major announcement from the Oval Office on Saturday. What do you think he is going to say?

PORK, I don’t speak for POTUS Trump but I know what I hope he says.

What is that BARREL?

1. I hope he lays the blame for the deaths by illegals and the deaths from drugs coming across the border and the economic chaos and personal loss caused by illegals stealing jobs from Hispanics and Blacks especially and the immense cost to the nation that these illegals are costing the American tax payer squarely on the democrats and in particularly on Nancy and Chuck.

2. I hope he makes it clear that nobody, and I mean nobody, is against immigration as long as all who come into our country come in by the front door and are vetted and e-verified.

3. I hope he declares a military emergency to protect the country and tasks the Army Corps of Engineers to pull all stops and build the wall with help from contractors and have it completed within the next 3 months.

4. I hope he shares the statistics about what is happening, how many are coming across, how many are criminals, how many are trafficking in children and women, the rapes and injuries to so many women and children, the fact that the caravans are made up of young men mainly who make up a military force. 

5. I hope he assigns the military to the border and seals the border as of Saturday afternoon.

6. I hope in all this he doesn’t even give Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi the time of day because of their perfidy. These are people who voted for closed borders in the past how many times and now will not provide him with a measly $6 billion to protect the country simply because he was elected and their flawed candidate was not.

7. I hope he reopens the government at the same time. The time for all negotiation is long past. The democrats have dug their own grave by failing to protect the country. Now they can lie in it.

Potus Trump to N. Pelosi. You lose. BARREL & PORK.

BARREL, did Nancy lose? Yes she did, PORK, and big time. POTUS Trump pulled her plug and refused to let her and her entourage take military jets. Blocked them at the airport a hour before take off. A comeuppance for her amazingly rude behavior in trying to block POTUS from delivering his State of the Union message wherein he would lay all blame for the government shutdown and the deaths by illegal aliens and the drug deaths from drugs crossing the border off on Nancy and Chuck and the democrats. Prevented her from leaving before the second paycheck to government employees is due. Now she has no excuse for not negotiating a settlement. If she doesn’t perform and give POTUS Trump his wall, she will be hung with the responsibility for denying the government employees their paychecks. The American people are smart. They know she is the fly in the ointment.

PORK, POTUS Trump can deliver his State of the Union from the Senate. He can deliver his State of the Union on television and he will reach 50 million people with his message which is that the democrats do not care to protect the American people, that the democrats do not care for the government workers.

Mexico murders. Build the wall.

BARREL, Howard Stern and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to read this article which top notes the level of violence that further makes the case for a wall – and not a steel one that can be sawed through.

1.      “In an area known for its gruesome violence, 20 bodies were found near the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo on Wednesday.

2.      “Most all of them, 17, were burned.

3.      “The discovery, reported by Reuters, marks the latest in grisly murders that have plagued the northern state of Tamaulipas – next to the U.S. border – in large part because of drug cartels.

4.      “The city of Nuevo Laredo itself borders the Rio Grande, directly across the river from Laredo, Texas.

5.      “Hundreds of bodies have been found in unmarked graves over the years. And while much of the crime is blamed on warring cartels, some of it also is believed to have occurred at the hands of the Mexican Marines.

6.      “More than 200 Marines were dispatched to the area to try to control violence in the area.

7.      “But after gunmen attacked three Marine patrols last year, the violence surged.

8.      “And the Marines apparently retaliated, attacking people suspected of having been involved in the ambush, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

9.      “Aside from the frequent discovery of mutilated bodies in the area, more than 5,000 people are missing in Tamaulipas, the newspaper reports.

10.  “Violence in the area soared after the Sinaloa cartel, which had been led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, established its presence there to control smuggling routes between the Nueva Laredo region and U.S., a key drug trafficking spot along the border.

11.  “But after Guzman was extradited to the U.S. in 2017 to stand trial in New York, the cartel split into factions that engaged in bloody battles to wrest control of the lucrative route.

12.  “A 2018 Congressional Research Service report noted: “A new transnational criminal organization, Cartel Jalisco-New Generation, which split from Sinaloa in 2010, has sought to become dominant with brutally violent techniques.”

13.  “The report added: “In 2017, Mexico reached its highest number of total intentional homicides in a year, exceeding, by some counts, 29,000 murders.

14.  “In the 2017-2018 election period that opened in September 2017 and ran through June 12, 2018, 114 candidates and politicians were killed allegedly by crime bosses and others in an effort to intimidate public office holders.”

15.  “Elizabeth Llorente is Senior Reporter for FoxNews.com, and can be reached at Elizabeth.Llorente@Foxnews.com. Follow her on Twitter @Liz_Llorente.  https://www.foxnews.com/world/mexican-police-find-20-bodies-most-burned-close-to-u-s-border

Chuck & Nancy lied to the American people. Time for negotiation is over. Fund and build the wall.

BARREL, what is your take on the President’s speech last night?


1.      POTUS Trump gave a great speech.

2.      He gave a concise, compassionate speech.

3.      He pinned the tail on the Donkey where it belongs.

4.      The democrats are responsible for open borders and the carnage derivative of drugs, human trafficking, other crimes of theft and burglary, extreme social expense and redistribution of wealth, destruction of jobs and injury to the legitimate Black and Hispanic communities.

5.      The democrats are responsible for the invasion of America.

6.      5-6 billion, indeed 27 billion, is a pittance compared to the killings, rapes, expense, and overall damage done by the illegal aliens and the cartels.

7.      All must come through the front door and be vetted and e-verified.

8.      Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi lied to the American people while POTUS Trump told the truth.

9.      There is a military, humanitarian, and social expense crisis at the Southern border.

10.  Chuck and Nancy voted to secure the border. They voted to build walls. Now they have flip flopped simply because POTUS Trump is president.

11.  The time for negotiations is over.

12.  Note to POTUS Trump: Declare the national emergency and build the wall now.

By dog-in-the-manger trying to prevent POTUS Trump from building the wall, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are either lying or don’t know what they are talking about. BARREL & PORK.

PORK, POTUS Trump made his case last night from the Oval Office. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are either lying or don’t know what they are talking about when they refuse to fund the wall. Walls work. Annually, the wall will prevent 200,000 to 1.7 million from invading the country. It will press all who want to enter to do so through the front door where they can be vetted and e-verified. Why should POTUS TRUMP declare an emergency and assign the military to build the wall today?

BARREL, he needs to do so today. Here are 24 clear and indisputable reasons why we need the wall immediately. Some of these reasons appear to be redundant. Not so. Each reason is rational and worthy of its own thoughtful explanation. The wall is for the safety of America. It does and will

1. Prevent crime.

2. Prevent drugs.

3. Prevent between 200,000 to 1,700,000 illegals from entering the U.S. annually.

4. Prevent the massive social services effort and expenses required to pay for illegals.

5. Prevent terrorists.

6. Prevent military and non-military invasion of the U.S.

7. Prevent abuse of the rule of law and order.

8. Prevent caravans from forming and moving to the border.

9. Prevent night or daytime illegal crossings hard to detect by border patrol.

10. Prevent women and children and families from making the horrific journey through deserts and cartel territories without food, shelter and security.

11. Prevent the raping of and other violence to women and children who are gulled by traffickers or their own misinformation into making the journey.

12. Prevent smugglers from lying and taking great sums of money and property from families and individuals to smuggle them across the border.

13. Prevent deaths and injuries and illness of those making the journey by discouraging dangerous migration.

14. Prevent the prosecution and separation of those coming to America by funneling them through ports of entry and U.S. embassies in their own countries.

15. Prevent human trafficking and prostitution of those making the journey.

16. Prevent infiltration of America by cartels, gangs, drug dealers,  human traffickers. and non-U.S. military forces.

17. Prevent vehicles and trucks from crossing our borders illegally.

18. Prevent those coming, slowing them down, so border patrol has time to apprehend them.

19. Prevent bringing significant supplies and military equipment and dangerous materials into the U.S. covertly.

20. Prevent damage to the environment by vehicles crossing the border illegally.

21. Prevent pollution and littering and tearing up of plant life and disturbing drainage and harming wild and domestic animals.

22. Prevent invasion of private homes and property and businesses along the border.

23. Prevent harm, the ravages of theft and burglary and violence, to individuals and families and business owners and businesses and animals along the border.

24. Prevent criminal activity and violence, drugs and burglary and theft, from spilling over from the Mexico cities along the border which are ranked as the most dangerous cities in the world.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are either lying or don’t know what they are talking about when they refuse to fund the wall. Walls work. BARREL & PORK.