BARREL, POTUS Trump is going to make a major announcement from the Oval Office on Saturday. What do you think he is going to say?

PORK, I don’t speak for POTUS Trump but I know what I hope he says.

What is that BARREL?

1. I hope he lays the blame for the deaths by illegals and the deaths from drugs coming across the border and the economic chaos and personal loss caused by illegals stealing jobs from Hispanics and Blacks especially and the immense cost to the nation that these illegals are costing the American tax payer squarely on the democrats and in particularly on Nancy and Chuck.

2. I hope he makes it clear that nobody, and I mean nobody, is against immigration as long as all who come into our country come in by the front door and are vetted and e-verified.

3. I hope he declares a military emergency to protect the country and tasks the Army Corps of Engineers to pull all stops and build the wall with help from contractors and have it completed within the next 3 months.

4. I hope he shares the statistics about what is happening, how many are coming across, how many are criminals, how many are trafficking in children and women, the rapes and injuries to so many women and children, the fact that the caravans are made up of young men mainly who make up a military force. 

5. I hope he assigns the military to the border and seals the border as of Saturday afternoon.

6. I hope in all this he doesn’t even give Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi the time of day because of their perfidy. These are people who voted for closed borders in the past how many times and now will not provide him with a measly $6 billion to protect the country simply because he was elected and their flawed candidate was not.

7. I hope he reopens the government at the same time. The time for all negotiation is long past. The democrats have dug their own grave by failing to protect the country. Now they can lie in it.

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