1. What do you think of BREXIT, PORK?

    BARREL, every country should be free and independent. I have 52 REASONS Why the United Kingdom should leave the European Union and regain its “INDEPENDENCE,” “FREEDOM,” and “SOVEREIGNTY” AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE, and if the current PM won’t or is incapable of making it happen, then vote in a new one who will help the people be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS, BARREL.

    1. ANGER WITH PRIME MINISTERS. The British people are angry with David Cameron and Theresa May because they have not been firm in support of the INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY, FREEDOM, SAFETY, and PROSPERITY of the British people. Their compromises are problematic to say the least.
    2. ANGER WITH PRIME MINISTERS. Tensions among the British people are at a breaking point regarding the wave of asylum seekers and migrants invading from the Middle East and Africa.
    3. CONTROL. Leaving most if not all onerous control by EU institutions is a primary reason for leaving the EU. Freedom to choose for oneself no matter the consequences is at the heart of BREXIT independence.
    4. CONTROL. The idea that laws governing British citizens are decided by politicians from other nations is troubling at best. The EU polygamous relationships between the countries tends to be counterproductive.
    5. COST OF BELONGING TO THE EU. The budget contribution for the EU is onerous and without commensurate benefits.
    6. CUSTOMS. Remaining in the EU customs union is problematical given EU customs regulations.
    7. ECONOMICS. Economics is a reason. Britain’s privileged position is under threat from Germany and France and others. Contrary to some opinions, competitiveness as between European “states” is often heightened and not mitigated by EU involvement.
    8. ECONOMICS. Financial and economic regulations are onerous.
    9. ECONOMICS. Non-euro currencies (e.g. the pound) are at risk.
    10. ECONOMICS. There are limitations to an EU single market.
    11. ECONOMICS. There is lack of financial control and autonomy.
    12. EU BUREAUCRACY. The European Union’s excessive “German and Belgium and French” globalist bureaucracy is problematical and often antithetical to the values and interests of the UK.
    13. EU CONTROL. The European Union is highly controlling.
    14. EU CONTROLS FRONTIERS. Frontiers of the state of Britain, including fishing waters, are curtailed at a European level.
    15. EU AS GLOBALIST INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTION OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTIES. UK National sovereignty is marginalized, minimized, jeopardized by globalist agendas. Nationalism is a virtue not a vice as globalists would have one believe.
    16. EU DYSFUNCTION. The European Union is highly dysfunctional.
    17. EU EURO. The common euro currency threatens the pound.
    19. EU LACK OF DEMOCRATIC ACCOUNTABILITY. The European Union’s lack of democratic accountability is discomfiting.
    20. EU SUPERSTATE. The British people are suspicious of a political union with the rest of Europe because the thrust and agenda is toward a “global” and “globalist” “European superstate” including an EU military, ostensibly to compete with the United States, or to counter threats from those within or without the EU.
    21. EXPENSE. The expense of participation is onerous without commensurate benefits.
    22. HISTORICAL CONNECTIONS. UK has historical connections with many other parts of the world from its past empire and commonwealth relationships and is quite capable of making its own treaties and trade arrangements.
    23. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. Asylum seekers are not remaining in the first EU country they enter as promised.
    24. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. Immigration is increasing while paying lip service to its reduction. The immigration waves have all the earmarks of an invasion of the west.
    25. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. Immigration policy is unclear and favors open borders, and unvetted cross-country movement, each of which threaten Great Britain’s identity as a people.
    26. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. Remaining in the EU Single Market and submitting to EU requirements mandating free movement of people from anywhere in the EU without careful vetting is extremely risky, causing more problems than it is worth and makes no sense.
    27. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. The border-free Schengen area is problematic to say the least. It comprises 26 European states that have abolished passports and all forms of border control. With the movement of peoples unchecked this a recipe for terrorist and military disaster.
    28. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. The idea and practice of free movement across borders throughout Europe is fraught with perils including conflicts with cultures and religions and economic interests.
    29. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. The wave of asylum seekers – the EU’s open borders plans to resettle hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa – is disturbing and destabilizing.
    30. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. An invasion of vast numbers of people is moving uncontrolled without proper vetting or control across the continent, with the result that many are taking over enclaves in the UK.
    31. IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION/INVASION. Limits on the number of migrants are discussed but are not implemented.
    32. INDEPENDENCE. Leaving the EU means the UK will jettison the globalist agenda and be more nearly independent and will take responsibility for its own economy, security, and laws.
    33. LANGUAGE BARRIERS. Language difficulties are significant given the unchecked immigration/migration/invasion.
    34. PRINCIPLES. No deal is indeed better than a bad deal. No deal, if it comes to that, simply means Great Britain will be independent.
    35. REGULATIONS. Standardization of everything from labor regulations to the size of olive oil containers threatens Europe with persistent low growth and high unemployment.
    36. REGULATIONS. Article 50 of the 2009 Lisbon Treaty required official notification of the EU by the UK government, and PM May triggered the article on March 29, 2017.
    37. REGULATIONS. Disentangling the UK from EU regulations though difficult is doable and contrary to some opinions is not a major problem in “settling the status of millions of UK citizens residing in the EU and non-EU citizens in the UK”and although it will require present and future UK-EU security cooperation, the final withdrawal deal approved “by a super majority of EU countries” has bearing on the EU and is irrelevant to the European Parliament.” Whoever permits the provision requiring a “super majority approval,” as an excuse for preventing Great Britain from withdrawing, deserves significant opprobrium.
    38. REGULATIONS. EU laws and regulations are onerous. Independence, indeed separateness, and the common law, is a primary source of strength of Great Britain.
    39. REGULATIONS. Opt-outs have failed to protect UK interests.
    40. REGULATIONS. Reduction of EU regulations has not been forthcoming.
    41. REGULATIONS. There is limited ability to negotiate with the EU.
    42. SOVEREIGNTY. “Ever closer union with EU “states”” is antithetical to British independence and sovereignty.
    43. SOVEREIGNTY. Destruction of national sovereignty by the globalist agenda has been a result of getting involved with the EU.
    44. SOVEREIGNTY. Reclaiming independence and sovereignty is a primary reason for leaving the EU.
    45. STATUS of the UK. The UK did not lose the first or second world war and was not invaded during the second world war either. The UK has a unique history having just recently ceded control over large areas of the world. With its penchant for industry, its economic system, and its common law system, it is destined for continued greatness, which is best realized by being independent and by not ceding its options to the EU governing board comprised of Germany, France, Belgium and others.
    46. STATUS of the UK. The UK was not invaded during second world war.
    47. STATUS of the UK. The UK was victorious in second world war. Now territorial ambitions of other actors, including those who lost the second world war, appear to be realized by so-called “peaceful migration” which by any other definition is simple invasion.
    48. TERRORISM. EU nationals traveled to Syria to fight with the self-proclaimed Islamic State and now many have returned with their radical ideas and terrorist activities thereby making the UK vulnerable — jeopardizing the safety and security of British citizens.
    49. TERRORISM. Knife attacks and car and truck attacks in Great Britain have increased in number and this increase can be traced to the immigration/migration/invasion policies of the EU.
    50. TERRORISM. Terrorist attacks in Europe have not been eliminated as promised.
    51. TRADE. There is inability to integrate with the European Coal and Steel Community.
    52. TRADE. There is inability to integrate with the European Economic and Cultural Community. Again, BARREL, Great Britain, and for that matter each country, needs to be independent, sovereign, and free of entanglements.