Who will win the democrat primary? BARREL & PORK

1. PORK, what are your thoughts following the third debate?

2. Has Biden fallen apart?

3. Has he lost the democrat primary?

4. Yes, BARREL.

5. The democratic leadership and electorate need to wake up and pay attention.

6. At the third primary debate he produced 9 gaffes, lies, and awkward moments — adding to the growing list.

7. Examples – he referred to Bernie Sanders as “president.”

8. He couldn’t keep his false teeth straight.

9. He was lost in time.

10. He rambled.

11. He referred to himself as Congressman when he never served.

12. Keep in mind, Joe is a loser.

13. He lost in 1988.

14. He lost again in 2008.

15. Using an oxymoron, he says if elected his first priority will be to beat Donald Trump.

16. He forgot Baraak Obama’s name.

17. He dissed all Blacks. Called Obama “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate, bright and clean.”

18. Told an inaccurate war story.

19. He owns all of Obama’s failed policies and programs including giving Iran a billion in cash. He misused his office re the Chinese fiasco with his son and the Ukrainian fiasco with his son.

20. List his erratic responses and behaviors and Las Vegas heavy odds should now be that he is hopelessly lost in 2019.

21. Looking beyond primaries, most importantly for the past years since POTUS Trump took office, Joe and the democrats just spent 40 million on the Mueller report to no avail – no collusion with the Russians – no obstruction. Now Joe and Jerry Adler are up to their ears continuing a foolish and wasteful investigation.

22. All the while it was Hillary and Joe colluding with the Russians. It was Hillary obstructing justice. It was Joe obstructing justice. He and then POTUS Obama knew about the FISA warrant debacle and the fake dossier. The Adler democrat impeachment thrust is a smokescreen to cover up their bad acting.

23. But even if you were to forget all of the above and sweep it under the rug, please find me one democrat who has done anything to-date of great value to help us be free, safe, and prosperous and I will think about voting democrat.

Read https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2019/09/13/joe-biden-9-gaffes-lies-awkward-moments-in-third-primary-debate/