Glenn Beck drops hydrogen bomb on democrats including Bidens and democrats. Claims they have been criminally money laundering our tax dollars to fund a proxy war against Russia and to enrich themselves. True or False? We report. You decide.

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1. So BARREL, Glenn Beck dropped a hydrogen bomb on the democrats last night. Do you think Glenn Beck is right?

2. Glenn Beck has opinions about many things.

3. PORK, coming on the heals of total acquittal of POTUS TRUMP, Glenn dropped a hydrogen bomb on Joe and Hunter Biden and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and other democrats last night, a bomb blast from which the democrat party likely will never recover if true.

4. He showed us last night on his show a democrat Profile in Corruption that is a million times worse than Nixon’s Watergate ever hoped to be. 

5. What Glenn showed us is what he says is evidence that Joe Biden and his son Hunter and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry and other high level state department and CIA and FBI government officials and non-government people including at least one oligarch from Ukraine have been participating in a corrupt secret criminal multi- billion dollar money laundering operation using our tax dollars at the very least through Burisma and an Oligarch in Ukraine and a Ukraine bank.

6. BARREL, if that is true, that certainly is treason. It is high crimes and misdemeanor criminal activity and conduct. It is real obstruction of Congress. It is real abuse of power. Why on earth would the people Glenn mentioned do that?

7. PORK, Glenn says these people have done so in secret and they are doing so in secret without congressional approval in order to buy arms and fund a secret Proxy War against Russia and in the process some of them and their family members and cronies have secretly personally gotten rich – see Profiles in Corruption – and at the same time serious amounts of these secretly laundered U.S. government funds. our tax dollars, have been secretly funneled back into the DNC and to democrat candidates and democrat campaigns.

8. BARREL, this sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. If it is true though, if Glenn is correct, this explains so much.

9. How so, PORK?

10. BARREL, if this is true, it explains many if not all of the real reasons why the democrats from before his inauguration were bent on impeaching POTUS TRUMP and were and still are so over the top vociferous about Putin Russia collusion. 

11. This is a far more reasonable explanation. It is not so much that they don’t like POTUS TRUMP, it is that they fear and indeed are terrified that he and AG Barr and John Durham and Rudy Giuliani and others know and are on to them.

12. The anti-POTUS TRUMP media has focused our attention on the idea that all this impeachment is about the simple fact that Hillary lost the election. In hindsight, now, and if Glenn is correct, simple loss of an election is not the compelling reason for all the heat POTUS TRUMP and his family and the nation have been experiencing since POTUS TRUMP was elected. 

13. If it is true that these people have been criminally laundering billion(s) of our hard earned tax money , fear, indeed the sheer terror, of getting caught criminally money laundering our tax dollars to fund a secret proxy war against Russia and enrich themselves and fund the DNC and democrat candidates is a far more compelling reason for all the still ongoing vitriol. If true, they are afraid and actually terrified because they have done wrong and committed treason and high crimes against America.

14. I mean, if this is true and they are in fact secretly funding a proxy war against Russia can you even begin to quantify the unconstitutionality and the sheer stupidity and extreme risk to Americans and the world?

15. If this is true, it explains why Joe Biden was giving Ukraine and a criminal Oligarch huge money and as this unravels it may be and begin to explain the real reason why POTUS OBAMA and Joe gave Iran billions during the month before they left office.

16. If this is true, Glenn’s presentation begins to explain why Hunter Biden was involved on the board of Burisma the Oligarch company’s board. This is not just a simple story of a Vice President’s kid ending up in Ukraine on the board of a corrupt company Burisma owned by the same criminal Oligarch who received U.S. billions as part of the criminal money laundering scheme.

17. If this is true, it explains why the DNC and Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi and Schumer and CIA people are so terrified and intent on accusing POTUS TRUMP of Russian collusion and why they impeached him. This suggests that they know about and even may have participated in the criminal money laundering thru Ukraine to fund the proxy war against Russia. They may have been participants and recipients. They are complicit if they knew. They are co-conspirators if they knew and took laundered U.S. money.

18. If this is true, it may explain why POTUS Obama and Hillary have all but disappeared and been so quiet.

19. If this is true, as the web unravels it may explain in part the millions if not billions funneled to the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

20. If this is true, there are a number of highest level people who deserve to be wearing felony treason striped jump suits for many years to come. If true, this starts to explain Vinman and the Ukraine ambassador and Bolton.

21. If this is true, it explains why Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the democrats have been off the charts angry and fearful of POTUS TRUMP talking to Putin outside of their presence – beside themselves wanting to know what was said between the two men.

22. If this is true, it does explain Vinman and John Bolton because they knew and participated. It likely even explains the Whistleblower. It likely explains Bolton’s firing. At the same time somebody ought to look into where Bernie Sanders got his millions.

23. If this is true, it explains the true reasons for POTUS TRUMP’S Ukraine calls. If he was withholding aid at all, and hoping for an investigation, he would have been doing so in order to further document the secret criminal money laundering and secret criminal funding of a proxy war against Russia.

24. If this is true, it [criminal money laundering] may also explain how and where Barack Obama got the funding to win the election and beat Romney and how other Senators and congress persons got and get their campaign funding. It may even explain how Bernie got so rich. And it may explain much of the media vitriol and fake news if the media network leadership knew where the multi-millions in advertising and PR money was coming from.

25. If this is true, it may also tie back to George Soros and the globalist agenda.

26. If this is true, this may also begin to explain why no-experience Hunter Biden got $1.5 billion from China. Glenn says he is going to explain this one next week. He and his team claim to have followed the money. Glenn claims he is going to tell us where the $1.5 billion from China went. I’m going to guess that the $1.5 billion was not hedge fund money at all.

27. If this is true, it explains why Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi and Schumer and the Podestas and the DNC and other congress people and senators and why the anti-TRUMP media have pushed Russia Collusion, Russia Collusion, Russia Collusion, Quid Pro Quo, Bribery, and other charges against POTUS TRUMP.

28. If this is true, it is once again on the part of the democrats a blatant case of Saul Alinsky 101 accuse your opponent of what you are doing.

29. Yes, BARREL, and if this is true, if they have been criminally money laundering billions of our tax dollars to fund a criminal proxy war against Russia, Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Lindsey Graham and AG Barr and John Durham and all of the media including those that have been anti-TRUMP for so long better double down and check out Glenn Beck’s hydrogen bomb presentation carefully and if true we can only hope they will stand up and be counted and bring those people who are responsible to justice. 

30. PORK, I’ll bet POTUS TRUMP and AG Barr and John Durham already know all of this. AG Barr and Rudy Giuliani have flown to countries to get the facts. I can’t imagine that they do not already know all of this. Let’s see what they do about it. If true, hopefully they won’t wait too long to eliminate any thought of two-tiered justice.

31. We report. You decide.

Who is Joe Biden according to the media? What about White Knight Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan? BARREL & PORK.

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BARREL, what do most democrats and republicans and the media say about Joe Biden?

PORK, they set forth among other reasons these fifteen reasons not to vote for him.

1.       The media has given Joe the moniker creepy uncle Joe.

2.       He is known for his misconduct.

        2.1.    – Whispering in women’s ears.

        2.2.    – Shoulder rubbing women.

        2.3.   –  Slow kissing the back of a young woman’s head.

3.       He is at heart angry.

4.       He is a career politician who has difficulty relating to younger generations.

5.       He fraudulently used his office while in office to enrich himself and his family including his son with multi-millions of dollars from China.

6.       He is now a socialist zebra having changed his stripes to lean farther left with the rest of the democrat candidates.

7.       He is not electable as shown by the fact that few show up to his rallies which prompts the DNC to ask where is the white knight who besides Joe or Bernie or Elizabeth will rise up and be the democratic candidate. What about Oprah Winfrey or Michael Jordan?

8.       Joe used his office to remove a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son, admitted it on camera, and laughed about it.

9.       He is a questionable thinker and his multiple memory lapses and gaffes are common.

10.   Joe has done little during his many years in politics for Black or Hispanic or Jewish Americans.

11.   He has little history of keeping political promises while POTUS Trump has kept more than 300 of his campaign promises.

12.   If elected, Joe will likely cost the New York Times and CNN and ABC and NBC and MSNBC and Fox News and Washington Post millions of dollars not to mention Joe’s negative effect on the US economy and this while POTUS Trump is generating billions of dollars in advertising for the media and has given impetus to the best economy and stock market and job situation for Blacks and Hispanics and the rest of us, including a strongest military, and dealing with a problematic border situation, ever. 

13.   Joe owns all of Barack Obama’s baggaged-up failed policies including but not limited to FISA warrant abuse, supporting the IRAQ and Afghan wars which cost us trillions, not dealing with ISIS, appeasement payment of a billion dollars in small bills to Iran, not to mention Joe’s part in the democrat contrived fake news Russia and Mueller probe and now impeachment hoax.

14.   Like most of the democrats, since POTUS Trump was elected Joe has wasted his time and our time and treasure denigrating POTUS Trump and this while POTUS Trump has used his time and energy to help us be free, safe, and prosperous.

15.   Even Joe’s campaign people and Joe’s wife can’t think of a good reason to vote for him.

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1.    BARREL, several politicians including several who have run or are running for the highest offices in America, as well certain former or current civil servants, stand accused of POLITICAL CORRUPTION and thus if true are not worthy of office or appointment.


2.    PORK, one simple definition of POLITICAL CORRUPTION is the misuse of public power

3.    by an elected politician

4.    or by an appointed civil servant

5.    for personal

6.    or family

7.    or cronie/friend or group

8.    monetary gain

9.    or election campaign financing

10. or other advantage.

11. As a general rule, a CORRUPT politician or civil servant misuses his or her public power for money or privilege or advantage.


13. heritage,

14. education,

15. marriage,

16. election,

17. appointment,

18. position,

19. or wealth,

20. for personal or family or friend or group gain of some sort.

21. POLITICAL CORRUPTION in a legal context refers to a wrongful design

22. to acquire or cause

23. some pecuniary or other advantage

24. at the expense of  

25. “one’s oath of office,”

26. “fairness to one’s competitors”

27. or the public good. 

28. POLITICAL CORRUPTION more often than not includes a quid pro quo, which is to say a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.

29. POLITICAL CORRUPTION encompasses a variety of wrongful acts, such as, among others, which is to say not limited to:

30. bribes,

31. kickbacks,

32. jury tampering,

33. gaining campaign financing

34. gaining funding for one’s controlled charity or foundation or business,

35. gaining funding for a family member’s  or cronies’ business activities.

36. POLITICAL CORRUPTION IS abuse of public office for some sort of personal advantage.

37. Some highly publicized POLITICAL CORRUPTION involves public officials and law enforcement officers.

38. A 1998 report by the General Accounting Office states, “The most commonly identified pattern of drug-related police corruption involved small groups of officers who protected and assisted each other in criminal activities, rather than the traditional patterns of non-drug-related police corruption that involved just a few isolated individuals or systemic corruption pervading an entire police department or precinct.”

39. Being CORRUPT is obviously bad for the soul.

40. Being CORRUPT also harms the economy and thus the community.

41. In countries with a lot of POLITICAL CORRUPTION, less of their GDP goes into INVESTMENT and they have lower GROWTH rates.

42. POLITICALLY CORRUPT countries invest less in education, a sector of the economy that pays big economic dividends.

43. POLITICALLY CORRUPT countries require bribes, as opposed to being “clean no bribe countries,” and such POLITICAL CORRUPTION reduces capital.


45. There is no such thing as good POLITICAL CORRUPTION. All POLITICAL CORRUPTION is bad.

46. Some economists point to similarities between bribery and paying taxes or buying a license to operate but this ethical lapse and abuse is not just short sighted, it is patently wrong.

47. The absence of POLITICAL CORRUPTION has huge economic benefits because such permits the development of institutions that enable a market economy to function efficiently.

48. Countries that outlaw graft in the conduct of public affairs grow by the emergence of institutions such as an independent judiciary, a free press, a well-paid civil service and, an economy in which FIRMS  compete for customers and CAPITAL.




52. POLITICAL CORRUPTION IS “… an act done with intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. 

53. It includes bribery but is more comprehensive because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it may be offered to or by another.”

54. In her 2011 article on corruption published in the Canadian law journal, The Advocate, Karen Katz writes;

55. “[POLITICAL CORRUPTION] is understood to be the exploitation of a position of trust, typically in the public sector, in order to receive a private gain, which may or may not be financial.

56. “[POLITICAL CORRUPTION] is not a simple issue of right and wrong, and conditions that encourage public officials to seek out or accept corruption include

57. the expected gains from undertaking a corrupt act exceed the expected costs and

58. little weight is placed on the costs [and harm] that corruption imposes on others.

59. “[Again,] (t)he most common form of [POLITICAL CORRUPTION] is bribery….”

60. In their 2000 article, Huther and Shahl suggest:

61. “… three broad varieties of [POLITICAL CORRUPTION] …

62. bureaucratic or petty [POLITICAL CORRUPTION] – vast number of public officials (bureaucrats and politicians) abusing public office often extracting small bribes or favors;

63. grand [POLITICAL CORRUPTION] – theft or [taking] or misuse of vast amount of [domestic or foreign] public funds by a relatively small number of officials; and

64. state capture or regulatory capture – collusion among public and private agents for private benefit….

65. “[POLITICAL CORRUPTION] [usually] only take(s) place when officials expect to derive net positive benefit from the transaction.”

66. In Nixon v Shrink Missouri Gove, Justice Souter of the United States Supreme Court used these words:

67. “[POLITICAL CORRUPTION] is a subversion of the political process.

68. “Elected officials are influenced to act contrary to their obligations of office by

69. “the prospect of financial gain to themselves

70. “or infusions of money into their campaigns.”


72. Jeff Huther, Jeff and Shahl, Anwar, Anti-corruption Policies and Programs: A Framework for Evaluation, The World Bank, Operations Evaluation Department, Country Evaluation and Regional Relations Division, December 2000 (Policy Research Working Paper)

73. Katz, Karen, Here Comes the Bribe: Canada’s efforts to Combat Corruption in International Business, 69 Adv. 501 (2011). In her article, Ms Katz relies on Huther and Shahl op. cit.

74. Nixon v. Shrink Missouri Government, 528 US 377 (2000)

75. Shumaker, Walter and Longsdorf, George Foster, The Cyclopedic Dictionary of Law Comprising the Terms and Phrases of American Jurisprudence, Including Ancient and Modern Common Law, International Law, and Numerous Select Titles From the Civil Law, the French and the Spanish Law, Etc., Etc. With an Exhaustive Collection of Legal Maxims, (St. Paul, Minnesota: Keefe-Davidson Law Book Company, 1901), page 210.


77. POLITICAL CORRUPTION is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain [of some sort, be it money or things or power or other benefits]. Forms of corruption vary, but include 







influence peddling, 


and embezzlement.


79. The American AntiCorruption Act (AACA), sometimes shortened to AntiCorruption Act, is model legislation designed to limit the influence of money in American politics by overhauling lobbying, transparency, and campaign finance laws.



82. There is a fourth form of POLITICAL CORRUPTION which is misuse of one’s office to aggrandize oneself or one’s party by bearing false witness about one’s opponent.

83. There is a fifth form of POLITICAL CORRUPTION which is to take office with its benefits by election or appointment and then fail to use one’s influence and vote to help the electorate be free, safe, and prosperous.