Are Elijah Cummings and the democrats accountable for the crime in Baltimore?

1. So BARREL, who is responsible – who is accountable –

for the many murders in Baltimore – 171 from January to July 11, 2019.

2. PORK, obviously those who commit them are responsible. They are the arch criminals.

3. Notwithstanding, Elijah Cummings and the governor of Maryland and the mayor and city council of Baltimore and the police forces of same are also responsible. They are accountable.

4. How so? Isn’t it racism to say so, BARREL.

5. No way, PORK. This isn’t about racism.

6. This is about the simple truth. Those who have oversight for the city – in this case primarily democrats – are responsible for the lack of law and order in the city. They are the ones who are accountable. They are the watchmen and watchwomen on the tower who  are not doing their jobs and cracking down – who are not solving the poverty and other  issues that tend to drive crime.

I think the following stats are correct.

2009 = 238 murders

2010 = 223

2011 = 196

2012 = 218

2013 = 233

2014 = 211

2015 = 344

2016 = 318

2017 = 343

2018 = 309

The crime in Baltimore is out of control. Much is in high poverty neighborhoods.

So BARREL, what would you do if you were Elijah Cummings?

Well, I would stop all this racism nonsense and get all the help I could get. I would  hold a meeting 

tomorrow and I would hold that meeting with POTUS Trump and the governor and mayor and put together a joint initiative to clean up the city of crime and poverty within the next ten days.