Violence – burning – looting – injuries – deaths in the nation following George Floyd’s wrongful death

1.     BARREL, how is the nation to deal with the violent burning, looting, injuries, and deaths?

2.     PORK, first I acknowledge that George Floyd was wrongfully killed by the policeman and I grieve for his family and all who have suffered loss.

3.     That policeman and the policemen who were complicit must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

4.     Regarding the violence, Newt Gingrich wrote about this and I have outlined what he said and I have added some of my own thoughts.

5.     There is every reason for peaceful protests.

6.     There is no excuse for violence and looting that harms others.

7.     Because bad actors are committing violence, burning buildings, and looting, injuring and killing innocent persons including police, there is every reason to:

8.     Impose a 6 pm curfew.

9.     Deploy the National Guard nation-wide in overwhelming number to protect law abiding citizens and their businesses.

10.  Make it clear to all that you either protest peacefully or you face arrest.

11.  Make it clear to all that crossing county or state lines to commit violence, loot and pillage, is forbidden and will not be tolerated.

12.  Identify and shut down the organizations fomenting violence? Antifa? White supremacists?

13.  Identify who is funding and supporting the bad actors and their violence and looting in any way? 

14.  Antifa has a real network. Shut it down.

15.  Soviets funded the peace movement in the 1980s.

16.  Soviets funded the terrorist groups in Western Europe in the 1970s and 1980s.

17.  See if Soviets are involved.

18.  See if China is involved.

19.  NSA and others document the online efforts foreign opponents are using to help spread and sustain the internal war against America?

20.  Document the efforts our foreign opponents using to help spread and sustain the internal war against America?

21.  Declare the bad actor organizations terrorist organizations.

22.  Antifa?

23.  White Supremacists?

24.  Soviets?

25.  Chinese?

26.  Other?

27.  Given the sheer volume of video and other photographs, hunt down people who committed acts of violence. 

28.  Arrest them.

29.  Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

30.  Provide no bail for those arrested for participating in the violence.

31.  Dry up the number of people who are committed to violence.

32.  Do not arrest and release them.

33.  Doing so increases the confidence of the violent offenders.

34.  Doing so leads them to believe they can get away with it.

35.  Every decision must have a public information component at its core. 

36.  Judge people by what they do and by what they say and especially by what they do.

37.  Minneapolis Mayor allowed a police station to be abandoned.

38.  Minneapolis Mayor made a conscious choice to do so.

39.  That choice was to signal to the anti-Americans that they are winning.

40.  That choice was a signal to the anti-Americans that we the defenders of Black American, Native American, Jewish American, Hispanic American, Caucasian American civilization have lost our nerve.

41.  A number of State governors and City mayors and their officers were paralyzed and failed to protect the innocent and their property.

42.  There should be an immediate announcement from POTUS that damage from the terrorists will be treated as a national emergency like a hurricane, earthquake, forest fire, or flood. 

43.  At every gathering of protest, the National Guard should be deployed immediately in force.

44.  Areas should be swept in advance to locate bottles and rocks and other projectiles.

45.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency must immediately move to help reopen stores, rebuild homes, and reestablish community buildings.

46.  With many small businesses already weakened by the COVID-driven shutdown, they simply don’t have the resources to rebuild.

47.  If entire neighborhoods collapse with no stores and no jobs, then the anti-Americans will have planted the seeds for even more disillusioned people to join their movement.

48.  Again, when faced with a threatened anti-American mob with a high potential for violence and property destruction, the streets should be flooded with the forces of civilization. 

49.  If on the first night, the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota had fielded the 13,000-member National Guard there would have been no violence.

50.  Instead, Minnesota leadership was asleep at the switch.

51.  When you don’t know how effective, prepared, or numerous your enemy may be, you take your best guess about how much force you will need – and then multiply by ten, so you overwhelm the opposition.

52.  Massive strength leads to the smallest loss of life and the least property damage. 

53.  It also discourages others from joining the violent faction.

54.  It is astonishing that people have been violent with impunity in New York City, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and elsewhere without being met with overwhelming force.

55.  If the city can’t cope, the state has to step in immediately not after the violence and looting has occurred.

56.  If the state can’t cope, the federal government has to step in.

57.  Every day violence continues further weakens America at home and around the world.

58.  Modern technologies must be brought to bear. 

59.  Because these are acts of violence against our civilization they are classed as terrorism.

60.  There must be tracking of cell phones belonging to radical elements.

61.  Any person crossing state and county lines and moving from violent outburst to violent outburst must be taken into custody immediately.

62.  The scale of violence in the country is immense.

63.  Not only must the media communicate the scale of the violence that is occurring, but also the media must become part of the solution.

64.  Local media is on sight and able to assess the scope of the violence.

65.  National media has difficulty gathering and organizing the information.

66.  There must be an incident commander.

67.  An important step is to have daily briefings from POTUS and the secretary of homeland security and governors and mayors outlining city-by-city how much damage the anti-American effort has caused and is causing.

68.  20.  Newt’s commentary, visit


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