Thursday Q&A Grades: An A for all of the Senators on both sides of the aisle and for The Chief Justice and for POTUS TRUMP Counsel with an A+ for WH Counsel Patrick Philbin, and a D- for Adam Schiff and a C for Jerry Nadler and a C- for Nancy Pelosi and a B for Chuck Schumer and a B for the other House Managers.

1. BARREL, what do you think of the Senate trial so far?

2. Well, PORK, I honor all of the Senators for their decorum and the alacrity with which they have conducted this trial.

3. I honor the Chief Justice. He has done a superb job. I honor the Counsel for POTUS TRUMP, especially White House Counsel Patrick Philbin who receives an A+ grade.

4. Mr. Schiff and Mr. Nadler and Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Pelosi and the partisan democrats to the contrary lost their audience with their constant harangues on the first day of the trail. Mr. Schiff gets a D-. Mr. Nadler gets a C. Mr. Schumer gets a B and Mrs. Pelosi gets a C-.

5. Mr. Schiff’s and Mr. Nadler’s and Mr. Schumer’s and Mrs. Pelosi’s vendetta against POTUS TRUMP is all too apparent.

6. Their partisan democrat arguments are specious. They are superficially plausible. They in fact are wrong. Mr. Schiff and Mr. Nadler had their opportunity to call witnesses. The Senate has no need to call witnesses.

7. The President’s communications with Ukraine were appropriate.

8. All one need do is read the transcripts and watch John Bolton’s immensely favorable to POTUS TRUMP Ukraine interview recently released and found on Breitbart.

9. Joe Biden’s corruption is appalling. His behavior enriching himself and his family has been criminal. It is well within the purview of POTUS TRUMP and the DOJ to look into.

10. POTUS TRUMP has done more for the American people that any POTUS in history save Washington and Lincoln. At the ballot box, the American public will reward the positive performance of POTUS TRUMP and reelect him and the republicans and at the same time condemn the negative do nothing to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS performance of the democrats.

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