Mitt Romney’s Faustian Bargain with the democrats? BARREL & PORK.

1. So PORK, what do you think of Mitt Romney’s vote for witnesses, and for conviction of POTUS TRUMP?

2. Well, BARREL, I think Mitt Romney is an interesting study in human nature.

3. How so, PORK.

4. BARREL, Mitt is handsome. He is smart. He is well dressed in his navy suit. He has held significant offices. He ran for POTUS. He gives every appearance of having a strong religious moral compass. Notwithstanding, and I could be wrong, it does look like Mitt has a tragic fatal flaw.

5. What is a tragic fatal flaw, PORK?

6. Well, BARREL, a tragic fatal flaw is what is called hamartia or hamartanein, which means “to err.”

7. This is a fatal personality deficiency that ultimately leads to the loss of influence and the downfall of the tragic hero.

8. This hamartia, this fatal flaw, fault, failure, guilt, is revealed in Greek tragedy by what the protagonist does and what he or she says.

9. This tragic flaw can be such things as ambition, cowardice, over-protectiveness, or self-sacrifice.

10. Actually, this tragic fatal flaw may be many different character traits if they become responsible for failure, self or other destruction, or death.

11. In a nutshell, a tragic fatal flaw is a character defect that leads to a person’s marginalization, self-destruction, and downfall.

12. Lack of self-knowledge or awareness, lack of good judgment are tragic fatal flaws; but most often hubris or pride  provides the seedbed for or is in fact the central core tragic fatal flaw.

13. So how does this work, PORK?

14.  Well, BARREL, think about Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

15. One of Hamlet’s tragic fatal flaws is indecisiveness which is seen in his thinking about whether vengeance is wrong or right and this “back and forth nature” determines Hamlet’s downfall.

16. Hamlet wavers back and forth: “To be, or not to be – that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep … No more; and by a sleep to say we end The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks That flesh is heir to, ’tis a consummation Devoutly to be wish’d. To die, to sleep …”

10. Goethe’s Dr. Faustus’ tragic flaw is his overweening ambition which leads to what has come to be called a Fautian bargain with the Devil.

11. Because Faust was so ambitious, wanting unlimited knowledge and unlimited pleasures, he made a contract with Satan and sold his soul for short term gains and pottage.

12. Finally, when his soul is taken to hell, Faust realizes his sin, tries to repent, but it was too late. Lucifer, the ruler of hell, had encircled him in his chains and diabolical control.

11. Othello killed his faithful Desdemona and self-destructed kills himself because of his tragic fatal flaw of jealousy.

12. And of course you know Sophocle’s Oedipus the King was beset with pride which was his tragic fatal flaw.

13. And in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, prideful John Proctor goes to his death because of his pride.

14. So what you are saying, PORK, is that Mitt Romney has a tragic fatal flaw despite the fact that he was elected governor and senator and has great wealth and a beautiful family.

15. What is it, PORK? What is Mitt’s tragic fatal flaw?

16. BARREL, I do not think I am wrong.

17.  I think Mitt’s tragic fatal flaw is best identified and defined by how Mitt treated and treats POTUS TRUMP; best defined by Mitt’s election loss contrasted with POTUS TRUMP’S election win.

18. Remember these facts which were all over the papers and tabloids and television and radio.

19. Mitt asked POTUS TRUMP to support him when Mitt ran for POTUS.

20. Mitt and his wife dined with POTUS TRUMP, schmoozed POTUS TRUMP and Melania, and POTUS TRUMP graciously and with largeness of soul gave Mitt his unwavering support.

21. Juxtapose when POTUS TRUMP ran for office and POTUS TRUMP asked Mitt for his support.

22. Mitt refused to give POTUS TRUMP his unwavering support; in fact, Mitt trashed POTUS TRUMP and has continued to trash POTUS TRUMP repeatedly.

23. So I think this says it all.

24. Mitt’s tragic fatal flaw is the tragic fatal flaw violation and continued violation of the American, indeed world-wide, honor code of reciprocity.

25. Today in the Senate trial, given Mitt’s vocal penchant for witnesses, and Mitt’s leaning toward voting against POTUS TRUMP, it would appear that Mitt egotistically is doing the same thing again to POTUS TRUMP.

16. So PORK, you are just saying that Mitt was and is willing to take but was and is unwilling to give. You are just saying that Harvard millionaire Bain Capital Mitt felt pridefully entitled to Builder Entrepreneur billionaire POTUS TRUMP’S support because Harvard Millionaire Bain Capital Mitt was one of the moral elite and thus so much “better than Builder Entrepreneur billionaire POTUS TRUMP.”

17. Yes, BARREL. Recognizing the perils of judging, and admitting I could be wrong, Harvard Mitt’s tragic fatal flaw appears to be his pride and lack of humility. It appears to those of us deplorables watching from the sidelines that at the heart of this matter, Harvard Mitt’s conduct is not in reality based on moral principle; instead it is a continuing expression not of caring and love for POTUS TRUMP but rather that of enmity and antipathy toward POTUS TRUMP.

18. It appears to us deplorables that Harvard Mitt apparently thought and thinks he was and is somehow better than POTUS TRUMP and that he Harvard Bain Capital Mitt is deserving of POTUS TRUMP’S support; while at the same time Harvard Bain Capital Mitt appears to believe that POTUS TRUMP for whatever reason did not and does not rise to Mitt’s high standard as being worthy and deserving of Mitt’s support. What Mitt is apparently unwilling to recognize is that POTUS TRUMP attended Kew-Forest School, Fordham University, New York Military Academy, and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and is a billionaire which last count I believe ecclipses millionaire. And if I’m not mistaken, POTUS TRUMP, Warren Buffett, Ivanka Trump, Elon Musk, Peter Lynch, Jon Huntsman Sr, are but a few of Wharton’s distinguished alumni. And I think Penn has produced the most billionaires on Forbe’s 400 Richest List.

19. So is there reconciliation between the two men, PORK? And if so, how so PORK?

20.Sure, BARREL. There can be reconciliation but such reconciliation is more than likely not on POTUS TRUMP’S side of the ledger.

21. I mean, look at it, BARREL. POTUS TRUMP offered Mitt his support. And Mitt refused to reciprocate.

22. Next, POTUS TRUMP has gone on to keep more political promises and do more for the American people than any president since Lincoln and before him Washington. In no way can millionaire Mitt match POTUS TRUMP’S billionaire political performance.

23. Seems to me that Mitt may want to rethink how he is perceived and what he is doing. He may just want to swallow his pride and jump on the POTUS TRUMP band wagon, say I’m sorry, and campaign and labor diligently to help POTUS TRUMP and the Republicans succeed in a second term and throughout the nation rather than kowtowing to the partisan democrats including of all people Adam Schiff who has blatantly lied about POTUS TRUMP repeatedly; keeping in mind, Mitt, that any bargain with the democrats is Faustian at best.

24. Yes, PORK. And while we are having this discussion, it certainly looks like the Utah electorate, most of whom are trending pro-TRUMP now, will have been hoodwinked by Mitt because he appears to have carpet bagged into Utah to run for Orrin Hatch’s Senate Seat; and this is especially true now that Mitt has voted turncoat to the Republicans and POTUS TRUMP after claiming he Mitt prolonged this tedious partisan, unconstitutional impeachment by calling for witnesses and then voted against POTUS TRUMP after citing specious moral grounds.

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