How do you feel about the George Floyd matter? BARREL & PORK. WE REPORT! YOU DECIDE!

1.      BARREL, many are weighing in.

2.      They are rightly saddened and incensed about the wrongful, tragic, egregious death of George Floyd.

3.      What do you think?

4.      PORK, I have these thoughts.

5.      You are right.

6.      George Floyd’s death was wrong, tragic, and egregious.

7.      I join with millions in sorrow for him, his family and friends.

8.      George Floyd should not have died.

9.      Those responsible for his death must pay a steep price.

10.   There must be an end to brutality, injustice, intolerance, oppression, racism, and violence, an end to police brutality.

11.   At the same time, there must be an end to looting, burning, destruction of businesses, vandalizing property, to activities that harm others, an end to violence.

12.   Those responsible for looting, burning, destroying businesses, vandalizing property, those responsible for mob violence and riot must also pay a steep price.  

13.   I uphold peaceful protesters and peaceful protests.

Barrel & Pork. We report! You decide!

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