BARREL, I don’t get it how Joe can be on the ballot.

What do you mean, PORK?

BARREL, COVID and the riots and the controlled media have distracted us from these fourteen negative truths about Joe any one of which disqualifies him from the high office of POTUS. If much of the press were honest, they would shout this to the nation and the world.

  1. He is unethical having misused his office in Ukraine by forcing Ukraine to fire a prosecutor and having admitted same on camera. That alone disqualifies him.
  2. He is unethical having misused his office to enrich his son via Ukraine to the tune of as much as a million dollars . Someone needs to file an ethics complaint.
  3. He is unethical having misused his office to enrich his son in China to the tune of a billion dollars. Where did the billion dollars go? Has Lindsay Graham or anyone else checked?
  4. He is unethical having misused his office to enrich himself, his brother and other family. How did this career politician become so wealthy? Has anyone checked?
  5. He is more often than not asleep in his basement and is senile most of the time by most any observation and calculation.
  6. He can’t put ten sentences together without a script and he will never debate POTUS TRUMP successfully.
  7. He is saddled with believable Tara Reade and other believable women who testify he abused them. Does anyone think he can sidestep Tara? I think not.
  8. He is a on camera multiple times sniffing children and women and being handsy.
  9. He is complicit to the Democrat Russia hoax on the nation and a sitting president.
  10. He is complicit to the Democrat contrived impeachment fake news debacle that cost millions of tax payer money and our precious time and energy.
  11. He is responsible for all of Obama’s failed negative policies including failure to build any significant infrastructure which is to say that he failed to help us be free, safe, and prosperous.
  12. According to Glenn Beck he is involved in a money laundering scheme to fund a secret proxy war against Russia of frightening proportions which if true puts a stake in Joe’s political career.
  13. He is gaffe prone which tells us he is not someone we want working with Russia or China or North Korea or for that matter any of our allies or enemies.
  14. He is a career politician who has had little or no experience running anything.

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