Why is POTUS Trump polling far ahead of Joe or Bernie or any of the other democrat hopefuls? And Why I’m not interested in voting for Joe Biden?

BARREL, why is POTUS Trump polling far ahead of Joe or Bernie or any of the other democrat hopefuls? Are you interested in voting for Joe Biden? 

I know the answer to your first question, PORK. POTUS Trump is polling far ahead of others because he has done and is doing something to help us be FREE, SAFE, and PROSPEROUS. Look at the media. POTUS Trump commands far more media attention than all of the democrat challengers. That is why I believe conventional polling will be found wanting and incorrect when push comes to shove.

And, PORK, I have 103 reasons not to vote for Joe Biden. 

Then BARREL, who has a chance of beating POTUS Trump in 2020?

PORK, I follow the news regularly – Fox, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Drudge, Breitbart,  New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., and I have no interest whatsoever in voting for Joe. 

I find the following negatives about Joe in the news in one form or another:

1.       Joe is a gaffe disaster waiting to happen. His 1973 full audio has shown up with his “politicians are more virtuous than doctors,” his slavery joke, his woman joke, his self-praise repeatedly, his admission that he is a “phony liberal.”

2.       He’s a career federal government  politician.

3.       Amy Lappos, the congressional aide accused him of inappropriately touching her.

4.       He’s crinkled and ancient.

5.       Anita Hill sexual harassment inquisition on his watch was a debacle.

6.       He apologizes for mishandling things thereby admitting he mishandled things.

7.       His apologies are too little too late.

8.       Biden’s brother and the $1.5 billion government contract conflict of interest looms way too large.

9.       Biden’s son, Hunter, joining the board of the Ukrainian gas producer conflict of interest looms way too large and insurmountable as well.

10.   Biden’s son Hunter’s with the $billion from China intersects Joe’s political office conflict of interest according to Peter Sweizer.

11.   He is big on paid speaking gigs.

12.   He bragged about his role in policies that have devastated black communities.

13.   Caitlyn Caruso is on record that he inappropriately touched her.

14.   He can’t keep his hands off young girls.

15.   His China conflicts are fatal.

16.   He claimed he was a civil rights activist when he wasn’t.

17.   Now he’s tied to a climate plan plagiarism “scandal.”

18.   He had to know and thus was complicit in FISA surveillance of POTUS Trump. One news note says his National Security Advisor was present in the Oval office with Obama so Joe could be kept up to speed when the Russian narrative and surveillance and “take down of Trump” was discussed and furthered. From Isikoff and Corn new book: Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, chaired the principals meeting, which the authors write included Kahl, who served as Biden’s national security adviser from October 2014 to January 2017. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/06/book-joe-bidens-national-security-advisor-participated-in-secretive-early-russia-probe-meetings/

19.   Joe was complicit in all of Obama’s failed policies. E.g. the health care debacle – the you can keep your own provider prevarication – the let’s give Iran multi-millions of dollars in small bills.

20.   He apparently unsuccessfully considered running for president five times.

21.   He carries the name Creepy Uncle Joe.

22.   Creepy is a hard name to live down.

23.   D.J. Hill is another woman who is on record accusing him.

24.   He packs decades of old school negative political baggage.

25.   He can’t point to anything of real value he did while he was Vice President – before or after.

26.   He failed in his run for President in 1984.

27.   He failed in his run for President in 1988.

28.   He failed in his run for President in 2008.

29.   The party just did not rise to the occasion and support him which tells me when push finally comes to shove Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the DNC and the party won’t do so this time either.

30.   He now pushes the false narrative that he is “the most progressive candidate” which he is not.

31.   Per Peter Sweizer, he is really just focused on money making ventures.

32.   He can’t help drain the swamp and get rid of corruption in Washington because he is the inside player who is up to his elbows in the swamp of corruption in Washington.

33.   He can’t fix the mess in Washington because he is the personification of the mess in Washington.

34.   He can’t run on Obama’s legacy because Obama thinly if at all endorses him and besides Obama has a highly questionable legacy.

35.   He failed relative to Iraq.

36.   He failed relative to Libya Ben Ghazi.

37.   One news account says he helped give us ISIS.

38.   He did indeed given the fact that he helped Obama give the Iranians billions which they use to fund their military and fight us by sponsoring terrorism.

39.   He is a repeat of the H. Clinton debacle.

40.   He is an Iraq hawk guilty of spending trillions of our money down the middle east military industrial complex rat hole.

41.   He is in the banking industry pockets.

42.   He is old.

43.   He is the Bill Clinton look alike although without the cigar.

44.   He is the Democratic party run by and for white men.

45.   He is the Hillary Clinton failed candidate.

46.   He is the worst candidate for democrats.

47.   He is too little too late when it comes to reinventing himself.

48.   He keeps showing us pictures of himself when he was young as though he wants us to think of him as young when he is not.

49.   He is uniquely ill-suited as a leader.

50.   All this again because he symbolizes the old Democratic party.

51.   One news source says he’s just another buckraker like the Clintons.

52.   His contrived “will-he-won’t-he” announcement was a joke.

53.   Again, his last presidential campaign crashed and burned.

54.   His presidential campaign before that crashed and burned.

55.   His promises are not worth much. Just look at:

56.   His record on abortion – flip flopper – now he’s against – now he’s for – after criticism from Planned Parenthood — whatever will tease a vote. 

57.   His record on busing

58.   His record on Blacks and civil liberties

59.   His record on immigration

60.   His record on mass incarceration

61.   His record on war

62.   He is the inappropriate touching Presidential candidate.

63.   He is the insider veteran who is part of the problem not part of the solution.

64.   He is the kissed senator’s teenage daughter on side of head

candidate who says I won’t do it again.

65.   He misused his office by leaning on the Ukrainians to fire their top prosecutor just as their top prosecutor was set to investigate the gas company which included his son Hunter.

66.   Lucy Flores is on record accusing him.

67.   Through the years he has moaned about government spending yet has done nothing to curb it.

68.   He can’t point to his past and say “I am a statesman.”

69.   In fact, he has a muddy past.

70.   He has a murky past.

71.   He carries no future media $ value to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Drudge, Breitbart, Infowars while POTUS Trump for or against is worth billions and billions to them.

72.   He is not a fresh face.

73.   He is not a reformer.

74.   He simply is not inspiring.

75.   He was not especially popular during Obama’s time in office.

76.   He is one of the oldest candidates.

77.   He is one of the worst candidates.

78.   He is part of the deep establishment state.

79.   He is that quintessential professional politician.

80.   He has a questionable endorsement from Obama.

81.   He is ridiculed for his many gaffes.

82.   He is ridiculed for his political I’m going to beat Trump up machismo.

83.   He is an out of touch with reality senior citizen.

84.   He is a stereotypical old school Democrat.

85.   There is nothing extraordinary about his career.

86.   His Ukrainian conflicts are fatal.

87.   His Chinese conflicts are fatal.

88.   He is Uncle Joe.

89.   He is uniquely ill-suited as a leader.

90.   He used his office to enrich himself and his family.

91.   He voted for NAFTA.

92.   He voted for Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which put an inordinate number of people of color in jails for drug-related offenses.

93.   He voted to support the ill-conceived invasion of Iraq in 2002 that cost America untold treasure.

94.   His voting record is discriminatory

95.   He is best known for whispering in the ear of a senator’s teenage daughter.

96.   It looks like he may be in bed with the DNC which is again seeking to marginalize Bernie.

97.   He has no capacity to go toe to toe with the young candidates.

98.   He has little capacity to keep us free.

99.   He has little capacity to help keep us safe.

100.           He has little capacity to help us be prosperous.

101.           He is running on the tired, worn out, negative, wasteful Schumer and Pelosi platform of bashing POTUS Trump.

102.           His thought about mediating between republicans and democrats and “calming the nation” is eyewash.

103.           PORK, these above thoughts are the messages I am finding over and over in the media. I suppose you can argue “fake news.” I suppose you can argue “not true.” Regardless of true or false enough of them are true. Besides:

104.          Joe has no chance of beating POTUS Trump because POTUS Trump is one of the few presidents who has kept his campaign promises. POTUS Trump has kept more than 300 of his campaign promises and it looks like POTUS Trump will even make serious progress on the wall despite the fact that the democrats have withheld funding and support for the wall.

105.           My conclusion, PORK, is this.

106.            Joe has no chance of beating POTUS Trump because Joe can’t point to one positive promise he has kept over his long career that helps us be free, safe, and prosperous today.

107.           He has no chance of beating POTUS Trump because the media is making billions of dollars if not trillions collectively off the POTUS Trump gravy train. And they will continue to do so after POTUS Trump is reelected.

108.           A number of these same thoughts apply to Bernie

as well.

109.           BARREL, who then among democrats can beat POTUS Trump in 2020, BARREL?

110.           Well, I’m not certain anyone can. But let’s at least look at the others in the democrat field.

111.            PORK. I will narrow the field to my four picks.

112.           I think the democrats need to take a hard look at Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Jay Inslee, and Amy Klobuchar not in that order.

113.           And of the four, BARREL?

114.           I think the democrats will be well advised to field Jay Inslee for President with Amy Klobuchar or Julian Castro as Vice President.

115.           The current list:

116.           Michael Bennet.

117.           Bill de Blasio

118.           Cory Booker

119.           Steve Bullock

120.           Pete Buttigieg

121.           Julian Castro

122.           John Delaney

123.           Tulsi Gabbard

124.           Kirsten Gillibrand

125.           Mike Gravel

126.           Kamala Harris

127.           John Hickenlooper

128.           Jay Inslee

129.           Amy Klobuchar

130.           Wayne Messam

131.           Seth Moulton

132.           Beto O’Rourke

133.           Tim Ryan

134.           Bernie Sanders

135.           Eric Swalwell

136.           Elizabeth Warren

137.           Bill Weld

138.           Marianne Williamson

139.           Andrew Yang

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