ObamaBidenFakeNews and others Gate? What is it? BARREL & PORK. WE REPORT! YOU DECIDE!

1. BARREL, what is 

2. Obama

3. Biden

4. Comey

5. Clinton

6. Brennan and Clapper

7. McDonough

8. Power

9. Rice

10. Yates

11. Strok

12. Paige

13. Pelosi and Podesta

14. Schumer

15. Nadler

16. Schiff 

17. and Fake News Media and Others 

18. Gate and how does such relate to General Flynn and POTUS TRUMP? 

19. PORK, ObamaBiden and Fake News Media and Others Gate is the accusation 

20. and what more and more with passage of time and release of once classified documents appears to be the confirmed truth that 

21. Obama, 

22. Biden, 

23. Clinton, 

24. Comey, 

25. Brennan, 

26. Clapper, 

27. McDonough, 

28. Power, 

29. Rice, 

30. Yates, 

31. Strok, 

32. Paige, 

33. Pelosi and Podesta, 

34. Schumer, 

35. Nadler, 

36. Schiff, 

37. and others including Steele and Fusion GPS and the Ohrs and others including certain FBI and State Department and DNC actors and other “whistleblowers” and Fake News Media

38. wrongfully 

39. and seditiously 

40. and even for some traitorously

41. conspired 

42. either as principals

43. or as accessories

44. to criminally harm and steal the 2012 election from Mitt Romney and the 2016 election from Bernie Sanders

45. and to remove General Flynn from office because he knew too much about ObamaBidenDNC activities,

46. and to criminally harm POTUS TRUMP and steal the 2016 election from POTUS TRUMP and after his election marginalize and remove from office 

47. the sitting President of the United States DONALD TRUMP 

48. and his family

49. and in the process marginalize the Republican party

50. and prevent POTUS TRUMP’s reelection in 2020 by means of

51. a partisan 

52. impeachment

53. using lies about “Russian Collusian” and a fake Russian dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton

54. using lies about POTUS TRUMP obstructing Justice re Ukraine when in fact there was a transcript of his discussions with the Ukrainian president,

55. using fake FISA warrants to surveil POTUS TRUMP and his campaign and others, including using FBI entrapment of General Flynn in order to “cause him to lie,”

56. using lies about POTUS TRUMP’s dealings with the Ukrainian president 

while glossing over Joe Biden’s admitted nefarious quid pro quo dealings with Ukraine and Joe’s son sudden billion dollar windfall from China [incidentally where did the billion dollars from China go?], 

57. framing General Flynn, 

58. framing Carter Page, 

repeatedly framing POTUS TRUMP, [now lying about the COVID 19 response of POTUS TRUMP and VP Mike Pence],

59. including numerous other falsehoods, unmaskings, and clandestine initiatives, 

including Adam Schiff lying about POTUS TRUMP multiple times while at the same time it was Adam Schiff who was obstructing justice, 

60. while at the same time many if not all of these same people were in fact colluding with the Russians and obstructing justice – 

using the age old tactic of Saul Alinsky to accuse your opponent of what you are doing.

61. As corollary, ObamaBiden and others Gate also includes 

the accusation documented as true by Peter Sweizer investigative journalist that Joe  

enriched his family and himself using his office as vice president 

via China (billion dollars to his inexperienced son and start-up hedge fund) 

and the sweetheart contracting Iraq building deal for his brother, 

and Ukraine/Russia Burisma million dollar board connection for his son, 

with the real deal behind the Ukraine deal being the Biden’s involvement in funding  a proxy war against Russia according to Glenn Beck, 

and of course there was the fact as Joe admitted on camera that Joe was guilty of compelling Ukrainian officials quid pro quo to fire a person investigating Burisma which included Joe’s son before Joe would release U.S. money to Ukraine.

62. In American politics, this is a definition of what ObamaBidenFakeNews and others Gate is. 

BARREL, given Joe’s 

ObamaBidenFakeNews and others Gate and

his repeated gaffes 

and mental lapses and senility

and the misuse of his office to enrich himself and his family 

and his misuse of China and Ukraine relationships

and the many accusations of misconduct with women and girls now including Tara Reade, 

Joe’s wife Jill and the DNC

will be smart to accept the handwriting on the wall

and pull the plug on Joe’s now disastrous third candidacy 

and gracefully withdraw while Joe can still come up out of his basement with Jill’s help. 

There is no way Joe can debate POTUS TRUMP 

let alone carry on a successful campaign. 

On the debate stage, Joe is and will be a deer in the headlights. 

The longer his campaign continues, the clearer it is that he is a third time try fatally flawed candidate who is incompetent to serve as POTUS.

The DNC needs to jettison Joe gracefully and look to Bernie and Governor Cuomo.


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