WHO WON the election? POTUS TRUMP won by 29 electoral college votes. (7:40 am 11/4/2020)

BARREL, who won the election?

PORK, POTUS TRUMP won by 29 electoral college votes.

BARREL, POTUS TRUMP should declare victory and throw a party.

 Votes for Votes for EE ColE Col 
VotingTrump%TrumpBiden% BidenColTrumpBiden 
Dist of Columb128025.60%21254293%303 
New Hampshire31212245.20%36701953.20%404 
New Jersey109809438%176541861%14014 
New Mexico39844243.90%48997953.90%505 
New York295664143.30%378954855.50%29029 
North Carolina273210450.10%265539248.70%15150 
North Dakota23484565.50%11448031.90%330 
Rhode Island18952139.30%28512259.20%404 
South Carolina130391556.50%97078342%990 
South Dakota24464264.10%12666233.20%330 
West Virginia53963268.70%23253229.60%550 
 66862074 6.9E+07 535283254 
      Trump by 29   
1. So, BARREL. Is Joe Biden the president elect?
2. No, PORK. Joe Biden is not the president elect.
3. The news media does not declare who is the president elect.
4. It looks like POTUS TRUMP will be installed in January and will be our president for the next four years notwithstanding premature celebrations and posturing by Joe and the democrats and most of the media.
5. So, what is going on? How is that possible?
6. PORK, the highly honored and respected Sidney Katherine Powell, who served as Assistant United States Attorney for 10 years and who now has her own law firm and who represents General Flynn and POTUS TRUMP just stated on national television to Maria Bartiromo that there was massive pre-meditated criminal election fraud manipulating the votes so Biden and other democrats won the election.
7. Can Sidney Katherine Powell prove it?
8. She said she never makes empty statements that she can’t back up with evidence. She said she has in her possession the rock solid evidentiary proof that overturns the election completely and acknowledges that POTUS TRUMP won the election by a millions of vote landslide, evidence that also shows that other Republican candidates have also been defrauded in this and other elections.
9. How so? How is that possible?
10. Sidney Powell says she has the evidence including affidavits that demonstrate that Donald Trump won the election by millions of votes and that the Dominion and other voting software were used in multiple states including the so called swing states by the democrats and others to fraudulently manipulate the votes so Biden and other democrats won.
11. Wow. If Sidney really does have the conclusive evidence of massive election fraud, that may be the reason Joe Biden could hunker down in his basement and do no campaigning. Looks like maybe Joe knew from the beginning that the fix was in. I mean, how could you lose. Send out millions of ballots and then adjust the results using the Dominion and other voting software. When will we know more? Was this same software used in 2016 and earlier?
12. Sidney says more will be disclosed this week. And yes, this same software was used in 2016 and earlier which raises questions about the Clinton Trump race and the Obama Romney race and Senate and House races and others.
13. Maybe that is why Hillary was so apoplectic when she lost. Maybe she knew that she had the popular vote and the election locked up before the first vote was cast.
14. I notice that the media is apoplectic over this. There is a massive campaign on with pre-scripted talking points attempting to distract and persuade the nation that Sidney’s allegations couldn’t possibly be true and that such is just more right wing conspiracy theory.
15. Yes, the democrat hate Trump media is protecting Biden and they have shot off huge media salvos alleging that the Dominion software was infallible and that Biden won.
16. I notice that in the past prominent democrats sent letters alleging that the Dominion software was corrupt.
17. Yes. And Texas refused to use the software because the software was questionable.
18, On the flip side, I notice that the democrats including Adam Schiff earlier all used the exact same language and lock step stated that there were no irregularities in earlier elections which suggests, keying off the idea that what the democrats are stating lock step is indication of what they are actually doing, that they may well have known about Dominion software and that they were manipulating elections to favor democrats for any number of years.
19. So BARREL, don’t you think we just have a bunch of conspiracy theories here?
20. Not this time, PORK. Not this time.
21. Sidney Powell is rock solid honest and credible and her presence alone makes the case that we are witnessing perhaps the greatest corruption scandals of our age.
22. Even greater than the Biden China, Ukraine, and Russia corruption?
23. Yes, PORK, even greater. As I said, this time Sidney Powell is making the case.

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