Do Team Trump lawyers have the evidence proving election irregularities and fraud on the part of Biden and the democrats? Looks like maybe not! Looks like Trump legal team distanced itself from Sidney Powell today. Looks like POTUS TRUMP chances of surging ahead and winning the presidency over Joe Biden are waning. BARREL & PORK. We report. You decide.

BARREL, what do you think of the Trump Team’s Blistering Evidence Of Widespread Election Vote Fraud?

PORK, if true, it looks like POTUS TRUMP will be our president for 4 more years. The question? Is it true? Can they prove it?

If Joe Biden knew about and fostered the fraud, looks like he deserves an orange jump suit.

by Joel B. Pollackabout 2 hours ago

  1. Rudy Giuliani and other lawyers representing President Donald Trump’s campaign outlined their case Thursday –
  2. That the Nov. 3 presidential election was so deeply flawed in several key states that the results should be overturned in the president’s favor.
  3. Giuliani said there was a pattern to the alleged irregularities in key states that suggested, he said, a “plan from a centralized place” to commit voter fraud in cities controlled by Democrats.
  4. He said widespread adoption of vote-by-mail had allowed Democrats to take big-city corruption practices nationwide.
  5. “They picked the places where they could get away with it.”
  6. Here are the key allegations the lawyers presented:
  7. Observers were allegedly prevented from watching mail-in ballots being opened. 
  8. Giuliani said that many mail-in ballots were opened without observers being able to check that they were properly signed, a key protection against fraud.
  9. Those votes, he said, were “null and void,” especially where the envelopes had been discarded, making recounts useless.
  10. Allegedly unequal application of the law in Democratic counties. 
  11. In Pennsylvania, whose state supreme court created new, relaxed voting rules before the election, Giuliani alleged that absentee voters in Democratic counties were allowed to “cure” defects in their ballots, while voters in Republican counties, which obeyed the state law as written, were not.
  12. Voters allegedly arrived at the polls to discover other people had voted for them. 
  13. Giuliani said that many provisional ballots cast in Pittsburgh were submitted by people who showed up to vote in person, only to be told that they had voted already.
  14. He alleged that Democrats had filled out absentee ballots for other people, hoping they would not show up.
  15. Election officials were allegedly told not to look for defects in ballots,
  16. and to backdate ballots. 
  17. Giuliani cited an affidavit from an official who swore she was told not to exclude absentee ballots for defects,
  18. and to backdate ballots so they would not appear to have been received after Election Day,
  19. to avoid a Supreme Court order to sequester those ballots.
  20. Ballots casting votes for Joe Biden and no other candidates were allegedly run several times through machines. 
  21. Giuliani said that there were 60 witnesses in Michigan who would attest to ballots being “produced” quickly and counted twice or thrice.
  22. He said that a minimum of 60,000 ballots, and a maximum of 100,000 ballots, were allegedly affected.
  23. Absentee ballots were accepted in Wisconsin without being applied for first. 
  24. Giuliani noted that Wisconsin state law was stricter regarding absentee ballots than most other states are, yet alleged that 60,000 absentee ballots were counted in the Milwaukee area, and 40,000 in the Madison area, without having been applied for properly by the voters who cast them.
  25. There were allegedly “overvotes,” with some precincts allegedly recording more voters than residents, among other problems. 
  26. Giuliani said there was an unusually large number of overvotes in precincts in Michigan and in Wisconsin, which he alleged was the reason that Republicans on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers had refused to certify the results there this week.
  27. He also alleged that there were some out-of-state voters in Georgia, and people who had cast votes twice there.
  28. Voting machines and software are allegedly owned by companies with ties to the Venezuelan regime and to left-wing donor George Soros. 
  29. Sidney Powell argued that U.S. votes were being counted overseas,
  30. and that Dominion voting machines
  31. and Smartmatic software
  32. were controlled by foreign interests,
  33. manipulating algorithms to change the results.
  34. Powell noted specifically that Smartmatic’s owners included two Venezuelan nationals,
  35. whom she alleged had ties to the regime of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.
  36. The legal team alleged that there were statistical anomalies,
  37. such as huge batches of votes for Biden,
  38. that could not be explained except as manipulation —
  39. which, they alleged, happened in the wee hours of the morning as vote-counting had stalled.
  40. (The companies have disputed these allegations vigorously.)
  41. The Constitution provides a process for electing a president if the vote is corrupted. 
  42. Jenna Ellis argued that the media, had usurped the power to declare the winner of the election.
  43. She made the point, citing Federalist No. 68, that the constitutional process of selecting a president had procedural safeguards against corruption and foreign influence.
  44. Giuliani said that the campaign believed that enough votes were flawed —
  45. more than double the margins between Biden and Trump in key states —
  46. that the president had a path to victory.
  47. Giuliani presented evidence in the form of sworn affidavits,
  48. citing two
  49. and noting that the campaign had many more from private individuals.
  50. He noted that several lawsuits that had been dismissed had been filed by private individuals,
  51. not the campaign directly.
  52. He said lawsuits might be filed in Arizona,
  53. and that the campaign was also examining irregularities in
  54. New Mexico
  55. and Virginia,
  56. though he said he did not think there were enough disputed votes in the latter.
  57. Giuliani also took on the media,
  58. arguing that they had provided misleading information
  59. and condoned threats against Trump’s legal team.
  60. Author: Joel B. Pollak
  61. Source: Breitbart: 9 Key Points from Trump Campaign Press Conference on Challenges to Election Results


  1. BARREL, POTUS Trump’s lawyer Pat Cipollone was a camera-shy Washington Everyman — until impeachment showed us his brilliance and made him a star.
  2. Yes, PORK. POTUS TRUMP needs to have Pat argue the cases in court as first chair.
  3. With all the affidavits and details about fraud uncovered, POTUS TRUMP will have four more years.
  4. That was an amazing press conference. Rudy spoke truth to power. Rudy spoke truth to the press.

So is Biden the president elect? No. The media has no authority to declare who is president elect. And if the massive election fraud allegations are proven by Sidney Powell and POTUS TRUMP’s legal team, President Trump will be our president for 4 more years. BARREL & PORK. We report. You decide.

  1. So, BARREL. Is Joe Biden the president elect?
  2. No, PORK. Joe Biden is not the president elect.
  3. The news media does not declare who is the president elect.
  4. It looks like POTUS TRUMP will be installed in January and will be our president for the next four years notwithstanding premature celebrations and posturing by Joe and the democrats and most of the media.
  5. So, what is going on? How is that possible?
  6. PORK, the highly honored and respected Sidney Katherine Powell, who served as Assistant United States Attorney for 10 years and who now has her own law firm and who represents General Flynn and POTUS TRUMP just stated on national television to Maria Bartiromo that there was massive pre-meditated criminal election fraud manipulating the votes so Biden and other democrats won the election.
  7. Can Sidney Katherine Powell prove it?
  8. She said she never makes empty statements that she can’t back up with evidence. She said she has in her possession the rock solid evidentiary proof that overturns the election completely and acknowledges that POTUS TRUMP won the election by a millions of vote landslide, evidence that also shows that other Republican candidates have also been defrauded in this and other elections.
  9. How so? How is that possible?
  10. Sidney Powell says she has the evidence including affidavits that demonstrate that Donald Trump won the election by millions of votes and that the Dominion and other voting software were used in multiple states including the so called swing states by the democrats and others to fraudulently manipulate the votes so Biden and other democrats won.
  11. Wow. If Sidney really does have the conclusive evidence of massive election fraud, that may be the reason Joe Biden could hunker down in his basement and do no campaigning. Looks like maybe Joe knew from the beginning that the fix was in. I mean, how could you lose. Send out millions of ballots and then adjust the results using the Dominion and other voting software. When will we know more? Was this same software used in 2016 and earlier?
  12. Sidney says more will be disclosed this week. And yes, this same software was used in 2016 and earlier which raises questions about the Clinton Trump race and the Obama Romney race and Senate and House races and others.
  13. Maybe that is why Hillary was so apoplectic when she lost. Maybe she knew that she had the popular vote and the election locked up before the first vote was cast.
  14. I notice that the media is apoplectic over this. There is a massive campaign on with pre-scripted talking points attempting to distract and persuade the nation that Sidney’s allegations couldn’t possibly be true and that such is just more right wing conspiracy theory.
  15. Yes, the democrat hate Trump media is protecting Biden and they have shot off huge media salvos alleging that the Dominion software was infallible and that Biden won.
  16. I notice that in the past prominent democrats sent letters alleging that the Dominion software was corrupt.
  17. Yes. And Texas refused to use the software because the software was questionable.
  18. On the flip side, I notice that the democrats including Adam Schiff earlier all used the exact same language and lock step stated that there were no irregularities in earlier elections which suggests, keying off the idea that what the democrats are stating lock step is indication of what they are actually doing, that they may well have known about Dominion software and that they were manipulating elections to favor democrats for any number of years.
  19. So BARREL, don’t you think we just have a bunch of conspiracy theories here?
  20. Not this time, PORK. Not this time.
  21. Sidney Powell is rock solid honest and credible and her presence alone makes the case that we are witnessing perhaps the greatest corruption scandals of our age.
  22. Even greater than the Biden China, Ukraine, and Russia corruption?
  23. Yes, PORK, even greater. As I said, this time Sidney Powell is making the case.

Political Corruption Riddle? Why can the disgraced Joe Biden Crime Family “run and not hide” and hide and not run?” Because of Joe’s crisis of character. Joe and his Biden Crime Family sold and monetized Joe’s Vice Presidency and in the process sold out America and that is why Joe should withdraw quickly.

A hard ball political riddle? Why can the disgraced Joe Biden Crime Family “run and not hide” and “hide and not run?”

Answer? Because of Joe’s crisis of character. Joe and his Biden Crime Family sold and monetized Joe’s Vice Presidency and in the process sold out America, that is why Joe should withdraw quickly.

 Because the evidence is overwhelming.

1.    Because Joe and Barak gave $1.7 billion much in small bills, plus $50 to 150 billion to IRAN during Joe’s tenure as VP, the money used to foment terrorism and support IRAN’s military and nuclear efforts.

2.    (;[and Joe Biden] should-apologize-for-shameful-cash-payment-to-iran

3.    Because Joe’s Crime Family “bagged” $3.5 million from RUSSIA. “The GOP report … states that between May 6, 2015 and December 8, 2015, Baturina sent 11 wires in the amount of $391,968.21 to a bank account belonging to BAK USA LLC, a technology startup based in Buffalo, New York. The transactions all listed ‘Loan Agreement’ in the payment details section. Nine of the 11 transactions, totaling $241,797.14 were first sent from Baturina’s accounts to a [Hunter Biden] Rosemont Seneca Thornton bank account, which then transferred to the money to BAK USA, according to the report.”

4.    (

5.    Because Joe’s Crime Family “bagged” $1.5 billion from IRAQ.


7.    Because they “bagged” as much as $80 thousand a month and $16.5 million from Ukraine.


9.    Because Joe “withheld” $1 billion from Ukraine until Ukraine fired a prosecutor looking into Burisma and Joe bragged about it on world television.

10.Because Joe’s Crime Family “bagged $1.5 billion from China communists and transferred military technology to the Chinese and Joe is forever soft on China and compromised in dealing with China which is the greatest  existential threat to the United States of America there is.

11.Because out of greed Joe allowed his crack compromised son to serve as “bag man” for the Biden Crime Family and do so with some of the worst criminals on the planet. (See Hunter Biden’s laptop emails which are not Russian disinformation as Adam Schiff shrilling shouts. And see Peter Sweizer’s books and new video.)

12.Because Joe, “the big guy,” like the Sopranos, took 10% to 50% of the proceeds from his Crime Family members, and don’t even think to go there that Joe is some nice guy. Joe is definitely not a nice guy. Joe is only a nice guy like Tony Soprano is a nice guy. (Documented in Hunter’s laptop. Further documented by Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense and Glenn Beck and Peter Sweizer and Tom Fitton. )

13.Because Joe, lied about his Crime Family’s activities during the earlier debate.

14.Because Joe and Barak were complicit with Hillary, Nancy, Chuck, Strok, Page, Schiff, Nadler, the Democratic National Committee and multiple democrats and even some republicans, and the fake news, in the fake surveillance of POTUS TRUMP and the TRUMP family and the Trump campaign and in “Hillary and John Podesta’s Russia collusion narrative” [Hillary paid for the fake dossier] and Nancy Pelosi’s and Adam Schiff’s fake “obstruction narrative” and bogus impeachment of POTUS Trump.

15.Because “Joe Biden’s character” makes the answer to this hard ball political riddle easy. Joe’s character is why Joe Biden and his Crime Family are disgraced before the nation and can “run and not hide” and “hide and not run” for the high office of President of the United States, why Joe needs to confess to his Crime Family activities and apologize to the nation, because all of their graft and corruption is there in living color for us to view.

16.To Joe we say, “Come on, man.” Joe you should withdraw today like you withdrew earlier after acknowledging your law school plagiarism. Just admit you are not well and let the nation move on with 4 more years of POTUS TRUMP. (Further documented by Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense and Glenn Beck and Peter Sweizer and Tom Fitton.) 

BARREL & PORK. (c) 2020 We report. You decide.