Senator Lindsey Graham are you going to issue subpoenas to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and John Kerry and his son?

1.      BARREL, is Senator Lindsey Graham going to come to the party and take the initiative and investigate and issue subpoenas?

2.      I hope so, PORK. I want to know, did Joe Biden misuse his office to enrich his son and family?

3.       Did Joe Biden force the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor looking into the company Biden’s son was part of and then admit his perfidy and corruption and laugh about it?

4.       Isn’t it obvious to the nation that the Democrats are undone because once again the boomerang smacks them with all of the scandals that are in their camp?

5.       So Lindsey, are you going to investigate and validate that there is a set of massive Democrat scandals like Peter Schweizer and Mark Levin say?

6.       Is the Biden family corrupt?

7.       Did the Biden family obstruct justice?

8.       Did Joe Biden blackmail the Ukrainian government and withhold military aid in order to get that prosecutor removed in order to protect his son and protect his future running for President?

9.       Did Joe come into office poor and leave rich with money from China and elsewhere – in other words, how did a career politician do just that?

10.   Did Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s son and Joe Biden and John Kerry walk away with $1.5 billion from China?

11.   Is it accurate that there really is no whistle-blower just somebody who thought it up?

12.   By the way, who leaked and committed a crime by leaking President Trump’s conversation with foreign leaders?

13.   Lindsey, are you going to come to the party and take some initiative and appoint a special counsel and look into Biden and his son and John Kerry’s son and John Kerry?

14.   Where are you Lindsey Graham? Where is your backbone? You stood up for Kavanaugh. Isn’t it time for you to stand up for POTUS Trump and help him fight the battle and not let this Democrat charade continue.

15.   So Senator Lindsey Graham, isn’t it time to take the gloves off and if there is corruption on the part of the Bidens and others stand up and be counted and deal with it?


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